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Jock Sturges’ Photography Exhibition on The Rollei Project

Curator: Tian Zhili

Hosts: 798 Wuyue Image Space
           Beijing Zhangcai Cultural Communication Center
           Foto Henny Hoogeveen, Holland

Rollei Project is Produced by: Duncan Meeder

Exhibition Period: from Sept.08, 2013 to Oct.28, 2013

Venue: Wuyue Image Space, 798 Art District, Beijing

The famous American photographer Jock Sturges has shot continuously a lot of photos full of warm, intimate, elegant young girls and that of they grow up with a full pictorial classic photographic techniques from the late nineteenth century to now and from the south of France to California, the United States. The photographer himself had said with emotion: “ For me, the photographed girls’ generosity is meant profound, I must let these photos show amazing charm and broad mindedness, which is a kind of the soul that stems from nature worship, I think.” It depends on the spiritual distance to measure the wealth of the world. Love and friendship, nothing is more important than them.

The photographer’s works express a quiet, warmth and interpretation of true peace of youth, which are loved by collectors and art institutions. Therefore, these works are collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), and many European and American private collectors.

In 2012, supported by Mr.Duncan Meeder, the boss and collector of Foto Henny Hoogeveen, Netherlands, the photographer took this group of photos with Rollei camera under the " Rollei Project”. Rollei company so tailor-made special edition of four color Rolleiflex2.8FX Platinum camera for this project, on which the photographer has signed. The global limited edition camera is sold only 100 units. Each camera shall come with an original signature album and a signature original.


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