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Legend Leica Camera Was Auctioned at 1.68 Million Euros

2013-09-03 17:04:23  source:  [Reprint]  author: Guangzhou Daily  editor: sudan

A Leica camera which had ever been used for taking pictures of Picasso and recording the Korean War was auctioned at the price as high as 1.68 million Euros in Austria in 2012, and it set a new world record for theauction price of commercial cameras.

It is reported that the Leica M3D camera was customized by Leica Company in 1955for DavidDouglas·Duncan a famous photographer and it is one of the only four Leica M3D cameras all over the world. On that day, the camera was auctioned at the base price of 150,000 Euros and eventually to the transaction price of 1.68 million Euros.

Duncan born in the Kansas City in the USA was one of the most famous battlefield photographers in the 20th century. In 1938, Duncan who finished his study majoring in zoology and Spanish formally became a free photographer and was drafted into the United States Navy, and he recorded the catastrophe with his camera. After the World War II, Duncan joined the magazine office of Life and become one of the most important battlefield photographers. Duncan took photos of his most important works Korean Battlefield with the help of the Leica M3D camera which was auctioned at the weekend.

After 50 years old, Duncan began to take photos of friends around him, and nothing was more long-lasting with the greatest reputation than his years of records about Picasso who was a famous drawer. In 1957, Picasso together with his German beagleLump visited Duncan, and Duncan photographed the famous album of Picasso & Lump with the Leica M3D camera.

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