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2016-04-17 22:16:26  source: 798 PHOTO GALLERY [Cooperative]  author: QING PENG  editor: suyuezhuo

Curator: Chen Guangjun
Academic Moderator: Zhou Bo

When Qing Peng presented his World View series to me, I was instantaneously impressed by that kind of magnitude, complexity and clamor, by the abundant sense of nihility. This is the grand landscape and grand history in Qing Peng’s eyes; this is his observation of the world and his construction of the world view.

The images of the World View series are so peculiar, as they were not taken directly by using certain tools at certain times and locations. Instead, each image is the product of compressing and superposing thousands of pictures or layers. Of course, Qing Peng organized these images from a very particular "perspective". This is like the perspective of Nadar when he photographed Paris from a hot air balloon; meanwhile it also shares some similarity with the perspective of Chinese traditional landscape painting.

Landscape is the stage of history, the cemetery of memory. These landscapes are, to be more exactly, Qing Peng’s “fabrication”, rather than his "creation". However, they are truly intriguing, because these grand images generated from thousands of pictures present a delicate depth of layer, an abundant sense of connotation; they can touch the history, but also can approach the reality. They urge us to rethink the significance of those famous landscapes and locations – there apparently occurred a lot of historical events, but also drifted away many meaningless "life trifles". When we sit in front of the computer to watch or to understand this world relying on controlled or cracked information highways, we have probably participated in the "real" construction of this world in a "stand-by" non-physical way. Qing Peng is the same as us to this extent, but the difference is that he superposed these pictures selectively into spiritual images with a complicated sense of history.

Opening time: March.19, 2016 3:00pm
Exhibition time: March.19, 2014 to May.19, 2016
Add:No4,Jiu xianqiao road,Chao Yang district, BeiJing. 798 photo gallery

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