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Photobook: Suddenly The Grass Became Greener

2016-04-17 17:40:19  source: [Cooperative]  author: Kevin WY Lee  editor: suyuezhuo


Plant and soil experts came to Singapore in 1978 to study our soil conditions. Our harsh equatorial sun and heavy Southeast Asian rains were not favourable to growing healthy green gramineae. The rains would wash away our topsoil and leach all nutrients.

The experts recommended constant layering of heavy compost fertiliser and lime to our porous soil. The gardener at Istana tested this on his lawns. Suddenly the grass became greener.

Suddenly The Grass Became Greener by Kevin WY Lee is a book of photographs made in Singapore during her 50th year as a nation, and the coincidental death of her gardener.

First Edition limited to 500 copies only. Scheduled for publication in April 2016.

First drafts of the essays received from writers Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh and Charmaine Poh.

Book Dummy Preview: Suddenly The Grass Became GreenerWe're moving

Book Specifications*

First Edition limited to 500 Copies.

Publication Date: April 2016

ISBN: 978-981-09-8455-7

Size: 218mm x 168mm, approx: 156 pages threadsewn with hardbound cover

Photographs: Approx. 45 Colour, 13 B/W

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Author's Note

"This is my first independently authored and published book. I am allured by the book as a vulnerable artefact of our times, and the possibility that it may pass hand to hand, near and wide, enter private spaces and into small, quiet conversations with its readers.

Suddenly The Grass Became Greener is a portrait of Singapore. Most of the photographs were collected in 2015, a most historic year undoubtedly, but the book has been much longer in the living and making. The images are accompanied by two exclusive essays by Singapore writers I greatly admire: Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh of Floating on a Malayan Breeze: Travels in Malaysia and Singapore fame and upcoming young writer Charmaine Poh. The book will be printed and finished by Grenadier Press, one of Singapore's premier offset print houses.

The book is self-financed and published, so I seek and appreciate your support through any of the pre-order and sponsorship options provided below. Thanks in advance."

Preview of photographs and book materials*

Book Dummy Preview: Suddenly The Grass Became Greener

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