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A reading room for Chinese independent photobooks curated by the editorial team Jiazazhi showcases the craft and practice of independent publishing in China. This is an important new force in contemporary photography, from personal publishing to institutional experiments.

Jiazazhi is an institute for photo art publishing, devoted to exploring the possibilities of photo work presentation off the wall. Our practices include blogzine, publishing projects, distribution, and a quarterly magazine (under working).

by Taca Sui
Size: 19 x 29 cm
88 pages, 45 B&W plates, cardboard sleeve, including traditional album binding and single sheets
Limited Edition: 500
Published in November 2013

Bright, Bright Day
by Zhu Mo
Size: 250 x 340 x 10 mm
44 pages, 65 pictures, clothbound hardcover
Limited Edition: 500
Published in May 2014

Artificial Theather
By Zhang Wei
Size: 235 x 310 x 25 mm
108 pages, plus 2 posters, 42 B&W pictures, clothbound hardcover
First Edition: 500, all numbered
Published in September 2014

10 Days in Krakow
by Yuanyuan Yang
Size: 185 x 260 x 20 mm
168 pages, clothbound hardcover
First Edition: 500, all numbered
Published in December 2014

Until Death Do Us Part
by Thomas Sauvin
Size/53 x 83 x 21mm
108 pages, paperback, hardcover, with a cigarette box
First Edition: 1000
Published in May 2015

Same Paper

Same studio is founded by YJ Wang & Xiaopeng Yuan, based in Shanghai, China. We collect books, make zines and more. We also want to introduce interesting artists of all genres through our publishing project SamePaper. The debut issue “Free Park” introduced Xiaopeng's personal life with photos and illustrations.

Same Paper 1
"Free Park"newspaper:52 pages, 297 x 420mm
"FreeExhibition"instructions: 16 pages, 140 x 210 mm
300 copies, Winter 2013


62 color photos,68 pages, 140 x 210 mm, 200 copies, Spring 2014

Ren Hang, Food Issue
52 pages, 154 x 216 mm
With a piece of tablecloth,70 x 70 mm
100 copies, Spring 2015

Trend Issue
2 booklets, 60 pages in total
154 x 216 mm, 300 copies, August 2015

Bananafish Books

Bananafish Zine Project is supported by A Perfect Book and Pausebread Press to promote young artists’ work since 2012. By publishing and printing zines in the studio every month, the project works towards a non-profit movement and inter-communication in zine culture.

Limited edition 100. Only 50 copies are for sale, the rest are reserved for various art book fairs and library collections.

No One Knows Time
by He Yiman
14 x 19 cm, 28 pages
100 copies, March 2013

Voutu Press is a publishing project by, an online photo gallery.

by Maleonn
21 x 29 cm, First edition in August 2013

Chen Xiaoyi: CloudsDictionary

Ou Chiacheng& Zhao Wanqing: Family Legacy

Zhang Wenxin: Five Nights,Aquarium

Lin Shu: Watery Routed

Wen Feiyi: In a manner ofspeaking

Huang Dongli: Beyond theSurface

Zheng Chuan: Abandon Garden

Wu Liewei: SideEffect

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