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Image Exploration: The 1st Changjiang International Photography & Video Biennale

2015-04-30 12:41:27  source: Photointer [Original]  author: Zhuo Zi  editor: suyuezhuo

The 1st Changjiang International Photography & Video Biennale opened in Chongqing Changjiang Modern Gallery on the afternoon of April 26, 2015. The Biennale, also an exhibition celebrating the opening of the Gallery, is the product of joint effort by Chinese contemporary artist Wang Qingsong, French curator Francois Hebel and Spanish curator Alejandro Castellote. After artists present, media, guest representatives and members from the organizing committee take votes on the site of the award ceremony, plus the votes from the audience, 6 artists become the winners. In the end, Zong Ning winsa bonus of 150,000 yuan with his serial works Rush created in 2008.

In terms of its “size”, it is certainly “big”, with a scale as large as any domestic comprehensive photography festival. 1,036 photography works by 257 artists from 36 countries, 32 projections and 82 video works played by TV are displayed respectively in 8 exhibition halls. Three quarters of them are domestic works; there are also works from teachers and students in universities and international artists.

In terms of its exhibits, the biennale aims to explore images within the scope of contemporary art. Such image-based exhibition is not commonly seen in China, which combines a variety of artistic forms including photography works, projection and video.
“The exhibition is themed with ‘Right & Wrong’, because I chose the ‘messy’ form adopted by many artists and an ‘eat grape without peeling’ way of thinking to describe this picture-reading age,” wrote Wang Qingsong, one of the curators, in the preface of exhibition in his own unique manner.

Wang said that through this exhibition, he wants to render the creational status of current image and video art and bring all people to reflect on this age by trying a chaotic way of presentation. As picture editor, the author saw on the site that there are many image works of “artistic expression and newness”. In some sense, those artists are not just trying to capture a scene in a picture, but see the image as a way for artistic creation, an outlet to express their sentiment. What’s more, the underground garage is used as part of the exhibition space, and most of works displayed here are video products in experimental image, which is more likely to demonstrate the “diversification” of this exhibition. Such a “field survey” way of presentation, close to image and video creation, exactly reveals the ecological appearance of this age.

Other than its scale and exhibits, some highlights and inadequacies are also found. The author noted that the exegetic information of some works is too limited to allow audience to experience the language environment of the works, video and slide show in particular. After the preliminary assessment by the judges, the way to select the ultimate prize through site voting is fair. Many senior picture editors said in their friend circles that that was their first time. The trunks, provided by the sponsor to the artists and participants, printed with sponsor LOGO and artistic works, are so artistic and exquisite that many of those artists have begun to show the pictures in their friend circles.



French curator Francois Hebel


Spanish curator Alejandro Castellote

Chinese contemporary artist and curator Wang Qingsong

The award ceremony on the spot

On-site voting

Winning 466 points, Zong Ning receives the gold award with a cash of 150,000 yuanAward-Winning works

Rush, by Zong Ning in 2012

Former works by Zong Ning


Silver award – I AM the Architect, by British artist Henry Coombes

Bronze award – Falling, interactive work by Xu Zhuo’er

Excellence award – Animal Farm, by Hua Weihua

Excellence award –Solicit for Business, by Zhou Qinghui


Excellence award –Monolith, by Patrick Tourneboeuf


Rational Reality-Window series by Xiaoxiao

Alice Cazzaniga《livingllusion》

NO.1 Photo studio in bath centerNO.1 by Cao Xiaodong

Chen Haiwen


Gao Rongguo

Jiang Liang

Lu Di

Wei Wangli

Xiang Cheng

Xue Zhijun

Ode to joy by Yu Xiao

Alejandro Marote

Fu Wenjun

Liu Hongyi

Liu Silin

David Jiménez

Emily Hanako Momohara


Cai Bing

No1 Cut out externality No1 by He Chongyue

He Yunchang

Li Ming

Li Pai

Liu Dadi(project)

Ma Liang

Mo Di

Wen Ping

Mo Di

Yao Zhaohui

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