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Playback - From Plebeian to Citizen

2016-04-17 22:53:21  source: Xi Shuang Banna International Photo Festival [Cooperative]  author: Bian Qun  editor: suyuezhuo

These are different interpretations on their own national politics, culture and economic center - the Capital Beijing Tiananmen by people of two different areas. The same symbols and memory, but there are subtle changes on the living status reflected from the photographs although it seems that they are consistent. It is in front of the same iconic symbol-Tiananmen and it is only an ordinary photo for modern people. However, you can see the national consciousness of people of a great country from the pictures.

Just like Mr. Xu Wei said, “I love Beijing Tiananmen.” It is meaningless for a person or a group of people standing in front of or behind a grand thing. Actually what attracted us most is the common daily life. We can disaggregate from these plain aesthetics, national preferences, pragmatism, political tradition, social system and other aspects to playback the cultural meaning beyond the photographs.

Bian Qun

Photographer of Beijing Chaoyang Cultural Center
Secretary General of Photographers Association of Chaoyang District

Description of Works Exhibited: “I Love Beijing Tiananmen”

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