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A Dash of Red and Green

2015-02-27 12:21:58  source: Photointer [Special Manuscript]  author: PATRICK MORARESCU  editor: suyuezhuo

Patrick Morarescu: Dash of Red and Green

A Dash of Red and Green shows a melancholic view of daily life in the fisher villages of Limbe, Tiko and Idenau in Cameroon.

Berlin/ Germany

Being his main medium photography, Patrick Morarescu works combining several techniques and formats such as collage, performance or installation depending on the demand of each project.
Portraiture stands out among his works, depicting powerful human beings in contrast with meaningful backgrounds, which then are usually displayed in the frame of installations.

Patrick Morarescu has held several solo and group exhibitions, screenings and performances in Germany, UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Island, Estonia, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Australia, Cameroon, Morocco and Taiwan.

Apart from his artistic practice Patrick Morarescu held photography and performance workshops in Jordan, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Turkey and Taiwan.

He was granted by the EU Commission, Kulturreferat München, the Goethe Institutes of Amman, Sofia, Rabat and Yaoundé and participated in artist in residence programs in Jordan, Finland, The Netherlands and Taiwan.


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