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China's first nude photographer

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"Meditation," taken by Chinese master photographer Lang Jingshan, is said to be China's earliest surviving artistic nude shot.

"Meditation," taken by Chinese master photographer Lang Jingshan in 1928, is said to be China's earliest surviving artistic nude shot. [File photo]
The photo, which appeared during Lang's photography exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in October 2013, was one of of his 134 photographic artworks donated to the museum by his daughter Lang Yuwen.

Lang took the photo in 1928, with a girl surnamed Zhang as his model. It was said that the girl suffered brutal kicks and blows from her father who heard it four days later, as nude modeling at that time was regarded as shameful.
Lang Jingshan, a pioneer of photography in China

In 1930, Lang published his "Album of Nude Photographs," the first of its kind in China.

Dubbed the "Father of Asian Photography," he was born in Huaiyin, Jiangsu Province in 1892. He developed his interest in photography when he was 13 years old, under the influence of his Chinese ink painting tutor Li Jing. During his lifetime, he created numerous photographic works, many of which won international awards.

Starting in 1934, Lang created his "composite photography," a unique technique in which the photographer combines images into a photographic work through darkroom skills. Lang, with a solid aesthetic taste, incorporated elements from traditional ink painting into his works, which stood out in exhibitions for their special charm. Also in 1934, he produced his first "composite photo"--"Majestic Solitude"--which gained international acclaim when it was first exhibited at a British photographic salon.

Lang created his masterpiece, "Scenic Lake and Hills," in 1984, successfully reproducing the beauty of Chinese landscape painting in photographic form. The work was auctioned for 828,600 yuan in Hong Kong in 2005, a record high for his creations.

Lang created his masterpiece, "Scenic Lake and Hills," in 1984

He was deemed one of the world's top ten 'master photographers' in 1980, by the Photographic Society of America.

Lang is also known as one of the earliest Chinese photo journalists. Between 1928 and 1937, he worked as a photo journalist for the Eastern Times. In 1930, he gave photography classes at Songjiang Girls' Middle School in Shanghai, making him the first person to promote photography education in China.

Lang devoted nearly 90 years of his life to photography, and passed away in Taipei in 1995.

"Taking Water at Dawn from the River"(R),1934, based on the photo on the left.

"The Yearling," 1956, created by combing the fragmentary images in the photos on the left.

"The Famous Actress Li Lihua," 1955

"The Yearling," 1956

Lang Jingshan in his 90s

"Lady and Vase," 1970

"Majestic Solitude," 1934

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