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Review of National Photographic Art Exhibition

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Fighting in the Rain photo by Chen Bo

National Photographic Art Exhibition is a nationwide photo exhibition hosted by China Photographers Association that has the longest time in history and largest size in scale. Since its founding in 1957, it has been successfully held 24 times by now, and has exhibited thousands of great photography works of nearly ten thousand photographers. More than half century, National Photographic Art Exhibition insists to reflect times and lives in contents, gives full scope to the theme of the times, and continuously reforms and innovates in the form. It has become an indicator to evaluate the creation standard of photography circles in China.

Steel Ingot photo by Shi Shaohua

Crossing the Street photo by Wang Yibo Ke Fu

Mount Huangshan after the Rain photo by Huang Xiang

Deliver Public Grain photo by Tie Mao

Trick Parachuting photo by Ge Xinde

Here Comes the New Machines photo by Wang Chunde

Winnowing photo by Li Shuliang

Night in the Coking Plant photo by Guo Renyi

Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway Entering Xinjiang photo by Li Yifang

Turn Wasteland into Fertile Farmland photo by Tong Deyin

Good Harvest of Cuttlefish photo by Zhang Shenming

Seeing off Relatives photo by Meng Xianquan

Reporting a Success photo by Yu Huiru

In the Busy Farming Season photo by Yuan Ling

The Moment Beijing-Kowloon Railway Connects photo by Wu Yu

Strategy in Mind photo by Chen Yigang

Divine Arrow Unsheathes photo by Wang Qi

Life photo by Zhang Liming

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow photo by Qin Datang

Impression of Li Yang Crazy English photo by Xu Xijing

Golden Top on Mount Emei photo by Tian Jieyan

Wind Power Plant on Kuocang Mountain photo by Jin Xiaomu

The Chord of Force photo by Zhang Haigang

Mother River- Yellow River photo by Hui Huaijie

Discovery of HGP photo by Zhang Wei

Light of the Three Gorges photo by Ma Ning

Railway, Extending to the Spine of the World photo by Lu Guang

Our World’s Like a Garden- World Expo photo by Yang Shizhong

Sinkiang Landform photo by Li Xueliang

Hero Visiting His Dead Wife photo by Yuan Xuejun

Review “China-US Ping-pong Diplomacy” photo by Xu Jingxing

Lottery Fever- Inner Mongolia photo by An Hejie

City “Beautician” photo by He Yadu

Kaili Passing the Olympic Torch photo by Hu Jinxi

Dragon in the Clouds- the Great Wall photo by Xu Xiong

Couple Theatrical Troupe photo by Li Yalong

Nomadism photo by A Yin

Long Dragon Flying Dancing photo by Zeng Pan

Morning Exercise photo by Lan Jianmin

Lives photo by Long Fuyun

Eternal Stage photo by Peng Bo

Travel through Wind and Rain photo by Yuan Peide

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