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The Focus: RongRong & inri

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Exhibition: the Focus: RongRong & inri
Duration: January 31 - April 13, 2015
Location: the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, USA
Opening: 6:30pm, January 30, 2015

RongRong & inri have bounded their name together for 15 years. At the beginning of 2015, they choose to have the first retrospective of RongRong & inri's world tour at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in the United States. This museum, designed by Tadao Ando, is like an oasis in Texas and brings vitality and hope. It is quite meaningful to have their first exhibition at Fort Worth to celebrate the artists' 15th anniversary.

This exhibition includes many series of RongRong& inri since they collaborate together: Liulitun, Caochangdi, and their most current series, Tsumari Story. Their works have documented their everyday life for over a decade. It started from inri moving to Beijing by herself, and living with RongRong at Liulitun. Years later, the artists had to face their house demolished due to city development, and moved many times. Later, they settled in Caochangdi and began to document their family every year, witnessed the birth and growth of their 3 boys. Meanwhile, RongRong & inri founded Three Shadows, since then they had one more title besides artists -founders & directors of a photography art center. In 8 years,they have dedicated to dissemination of contemporary photography in China and discovering young Chinese photographers. Running a private-founded art center cannot stop their artistic creation. They were invited to Echigo Tsumari where they bravely tried new possibility in their works, and then started to travel frequently between China and Japan.

RongRong & inri's photographs not only document the lives of a family, but also witness the great change of the society and the impact of rapid economical development. Their works reflect the human relations, the relationship between human being and Mother Nature, as well as the problems beneath. Within the 15 years, they faced many challenges, but never stopped pushing the boundary. RongRong & inri,since the minute when they bounded their name together, have been creating infinite possibilities.

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