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Photos reveal old days in Beijing

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Children enjoy sugar-coated haws on a stick at the Changdian market in January 1962. [Photo XinhuaAgencies]

In 1958, people in Beijing considered sparrows as harmful birds. Here, a group tries to scare them away from the roof of a building. [Photo Xinhua]

In 1960, people plant carrots on their day off near Chongwenmen in Beijing. [Photo Xinhua]

Lights shine in this night view of the Huairou Reservoir on July 9, 1958. [Photo Xinhua]

Older practice Tai Chi in 1959, when the first national sports meeting was held in Beijing. [Photo Xinhua]

People peer through the holes in a wooden box to look at pictures that a showman sets into viewing position by pulling a corresponding string at the Beijing Pantaogong Temple Fair in April 1957. [Photo Xinhua]

Performers on stilts entertain the crowd at the Beijing Pantaogong temple fair in April 1957. [Photo Xinhua]

The busy area in Qianmen, Beijing is seen in October 1951. [Photo Agencies]

The road to the Ming Tombs is flanked by huge stone sculptures of beasts, in Changping county, Beijing, November 1951. [Photo XinhuaAgencies]

A 59-year-old worker demonstrates a martial art in Changping, Beijing. [Photo Xinhua]

A dancer performs in the ballet,The White-haired Girl, in Yanqing county, Beijing in January 1966. [Photo Xinhua]

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