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40 Years of China Photography

2014-07-31 15:55:16  source:  [Compile]  author:   editor: sudan

40 Years of China Photography- Collection of Excellent Works from National Photography Open Competition “Arduous Journey”(1988, edited by Hu Wugong, Ren Shide,Shaanxi People's Fine Arts Publishing House )

This album is a work collection of the National Photography Open Competition “Arduous Journey” held in 1988. Photography competition “Arduous Journey” was a very important event in Chinese contemporary history of photography. It was mainly planned and carried out by photographer representatives of “Shaanxi Group” like Hu Wugong, Hou Dengke, Pan Ke, Shi Baoxiu and etc. It was just in that special historical time, Chinese “documentary photography” was really showed to the world in the main stream and with the highest level. As Bao Kun, a famous photography critic, commented- “Arduous Journey” has done an unprecedented job in Chinese history of photography whether in its time span or the depth of expounding Chinese people’s destiny under a certain historical background. It was a remarkable turn in the development of “Chinese documentary photography”. After 1988, “documentary photography” terminated the domination of “salon photography” and started becoming popular in China.

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