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Flashback: A Decade of Changes (1986, edited by Yu Chengde, Yang Shaoming)

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Modern Photo Salon is the second folkphotography organization after the April Photography Association from Beijing. During its early founding, its aim was to inherit the spirit of April Photography Association. Flashback: A Decade of Changes was a photo selection of A Decade of Changes - its second exhibition - after its first one in 1985. This exhibition focused on realistic photography. It was an opposition against the extensive art in photography circle after April Photography Association. It was a declaration towards the new beginning of realistic photography in the new era as well as a seed for the later social documentary photography movement. After its publishing, it exertedhuge influence on the society, and made ground-breaking contribution for the taboo of photographic vision. For example, works with strong realism like Petitioner by Li Xiaobin was displayed at the exhibition, which established the legitimacy in the dissemination for photography confronting social reality and life.

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