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Expression Method of Photograph Art (1964, Wu Yinxian, China Film Press)

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Expression Method of Photograph Artis definitely worth to be collected. It is the first book especially elaborating on the theory of photography art form. This book is the basic textbook for the author when he is teaching “photography composition” at the Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy. It is a treatise that comprehensively expounds the techniques of expression of photography sculpts. It was divided into two volumes. The main contents include portrait photography, lifestyle photography, news photography, still life photography, color photography, image’s tone processing, and explanation of the vitality and expression of photography works and others. It selects more than 200 excellent domestic photography works as illustrations, and over 100 of them can help readers understand photography better. It illuminates the function of photography sculpt and its techniques of expression in popular and easy-to-understand language by contrast, explicitly point out the main problems in the image creation ofphotography art.

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