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China (1955, editor-in-chief: Liao Chengzhi, Foreign Languages Press)

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The giant photo album of Chinawas published before the National Day in 1959.It is so far the largest and highest album in terms of scale and quality in China. The album is 6-folio, and has 545 pages. It is 6.3-centimeter-thick, and weighs 8 kilograms. There are 463 photos in the album taken by 172 photographers and 27 works of art from past and today. It has the world’s best print, binding and layout. It was edited by Liao Chengzhi, and co-created by Xinhua News Agency, Foreign Languages Press, Cultural Relics Bureau, Xinhua PrintingFactory, Chinese Photographers Association and other organizations. As the national gift for the 10thanniversary of Chinese government, China was presented as gifts to heads of foreign states and honored guests. It was published in very small volume with no fixed price and not for sale. Therefore, only a very few of them are collected by private persons, so generally people have no chance to see it, which in turn gives it a high collection value.

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