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How to ensure scarcity of the image collections in the investment market?

2016-04-17 17:59:06  source: Information Times [Compile]  author:   editor: sudan

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How to ensure scarcity of the collections?

If there is not a mature self-regulatory mechanism, the investment market of images will be inevitably chaotic. Fortunately, whether the photographers or the middlemen understand well that when a thing is scarce it is precious and they all know that uncontrolled developing and micro-injection will only lead to continual depreciation of the existing works, and serious damage of the reputation of the artists and middlemen. Therefore, a self-regulatory mechanism forms in the beginning, that is limited edition.

Limited edition refers to the maximum volume of images for sale. Photographers usually write the number of the limited editionand the serial numberof each work on either the works or the mounting plates. In general, for the same work, the higher number of limited edition, the lower the price will be, vice versa. Regularly, the version number of images is calculated on a dozen basis. A dozen is 12, two 24, and two and a half 30. As for the contemporary photographers, the common limited edition number is 12, 24, 30, and 36 which is more often seen. The limited edition number might also be 6 or 48, but not much.

Nowadays, the modern copying technologies, such as digital scanning, electric point, and digital micro-injection are increasingly developed, making limited edition number and limited edition print become the lifeblood of the commercial price of images. But there is another extremely crucial issue which is no less important than the former two, namely anti-fake!

In the era of digital imaging, how to avoid fake works becomes a problem? Organizations now have developed an anti-fake system. For example, Haneimulesecurity system, which includes copies of certificates and security laser seal. Detailed records of the work such as the thumbnail, title, photographer, limited edition number, recording time, recording size, production materials and other relevant information are on the printed certificate. For the security laser seal, each work gets two; one is pasted on the work, the other on the printed certificate. The two seals have the same serial number, which is recorded by the foreign certification organizations, similar to the unique ID of the work. Through this rigorous security system, authenticity of the work is ensured basically.

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