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The Jalón Ángel Photograph Archive, belonging to Grupo San Valero and guarded by San Jorge University are organising the 5rd Jalón Ángel Photography Awards.

Ángel Hilario García de Jalón Hueto (1898-1976), better known as Jalón Angel, was one of the most prominent figures of portraiture photography in Spain during his 50 years of professional career until his death in 1976. This photographer, who had a great social and human impact, began his early training in Logroño and perfected it in the first decade of the twentieth century, first in Lyon and then in Paris. In 1926, he settled in Zaragoza where he combined his most personal and creative photography, specialising in travel and urban and natural landscape, with his portrait work.

His social and Christian concern led him to promote, in 1953, the San Valero Professional School belonging to Grupo San Valero, which gave young people without resources access to working life through proper training.

This award not only aims to honour the memory of Jalón Ángel as a photographer, but also as the founder of Grupo San Valero, a set of institutions for educational and vocational training at different levels and modalities.

Competition Rules

Any author (Spanish or foreign) of legal age may participate with an original photograph that has not been awarded a prize in another competition in 2018 and up until 24 March 2019.

1. The same author may present a maximum of one photograph to each category.

2. Entries must belong to one of the following genres:

a. Portrait: spontaneous or posed, the subject of the photograph is a person.

b. Travel: photographs showing the cultural particularities of a country (including urban and natural landscapes, but do not focus on the human figure as the only, main element).

c. Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park: special category in homage to the centenary of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. It should focus on the national park, portraying its fauna and flora, nature, natural heritage etc. The registration form must indicate exactly where in the national park the image has been taken.

3. The competition entries must comply with the following requirements:

a. It may be performed by any photographic procedure.

b. The original photograph must have the following requirements: .jpg, 300 pixels per inch and minimum size of short side 30 cm or 3500 ppp.

c. It can be in black and white or colour.

d. Both chemical and digital retouching must be minimal (lighting, contrast, colour balance) and do not deface the original shot.

4. The photographs will not have any element (signature, logo, initials, graphics frames etc.) which may serve to identify the author of the image. If this requirement is not met this photograph will be excluded from the award.

5. To participate follow this link:

6. The deadline for submission of entries will be 24th March, 2019 until 23.59 (peninsular Spanish time).

7. The following languages are accepted in the registration form and the declaration of authorship:

a. Spanish

b. English

c. French

8. By participating, authors guarantee that that they comply with the law on intellectual property and image rights. Therefore, the authors, with their participation confirm that they have obtained the corresponding authorisation from the people and places shown in the presented photographs. The Jalón Ángel Archive and San Jorge University will not be responsible for any claim or dispute made in this regard.

9. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participant who fails to comply with these rules, carries out fraudulent actions or in any other way alters the normal course of the contest.

10. The participants will be responsible for the accuracy of the identification data they provide, claims by third parties for such circumstances shall not be permitted.

11. The participation in this contest will imply the cession of the rights of diffusion, reproduction and exhibition of the winning photographs as well as the mentions or those included in the list of finalists of the jury, within the scope of the competition and its objectives and always related to the Jalón Ángel Archive.

12. The jury will consist of people with proven track record in the field of photography. This jury will consider the following criteria for its ruling: compliance with these rules, technical quality, creative quality and aesthetic quality of the photographs

13. The jury will propose the entries deserving of the prize to the Committee the Jalón Ángel Archive, who will award the prizes. Their decision is final.

14. The following prizes will be awarded:

a. Award for best photograph in the portrait category. Award amount: 1000 euros, iconic statuette and diploma.

b. Award for best photograph in the travel category. Award amount: 1000 euros, iconic statuette and diploma.

c. Award for the best photograph in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park category. Prize money: 1,000 euros, emblematic trophy and diploma.

15. The "Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park” jury will include a member appointed by the public organiser of the Centenary.

16. If the jury and the committee deem it appropriate, different mentions will be established in each category.

17. The jury and/or the Committee can decide to leave the prize void in one or both categories.

18. The jury will only contact the winners via phone or email.

19. The Archive will organize an exhibition (one year after the award) that will include the winning photographs and the mentions and/or other participating photographs in their case. The institution will contact the authors prior to the event.

20. The winners will be announced on 10 April 2019 on the Jalón Ángel Archive website ( and its social networks. Only the winners will be contacted.

21. The organising entity will take the utmost care in managing the entries, but declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft, fire, flood and any other disaster that may occur during the custody of digital copies sent by participants or during the exhibition thereof.

22. The Organizer is exempt from any liability in case of malfunction of the Internet that prevents participants from participating adequately and fulfilling the participation requirements. The organizer is not responsible for the transmission or loss of emails or data that are not attributed to the organizer.

23. The winners should be aware that the prize obtained will be subject to compliance with the current tax regulations for all taxpayers or, where appropriate, retention corresponding to the IRPF pursuant to said regulations.

24. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on Data Protection (GDPR), the participant and/or his/her parents or legal guardians are informed that the person responsible for the processing of the personal data provided voluntarily by the participant in the registration form, will be SAN JORGE UNIVERSITY, and that it will be processed with the sole purpose of managing the 5th Jalón Angel Award

2018/2019 contest in accordance with the laws in force, particularly the GDPR. Participants can revoke the consent or exercise your right of access and right to rectification, erasure and object, restrict processing and data portability, by contacting the Data Protection Officer of the University, attaching a photocopy of your National Identity Card or equivalent to your request for the exercise of said rights to the registered address of USJ at Autovía A-23 Zaragoza-Huesca, km. 299, 50830- Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza), or the email address You also have the right to contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency if your rights are not being met.

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