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“Traction Line” Li Zhiliang’s Photography Exhibition of Manufacture in Dongguan

2018-06-21 14:50:14  source: PHOTOINTER [Original]  author: Li Zhiliang  editor: 张双双

铂金印相作品platinum printing works (1).jpg

platinum printing works

“Traction Line” Li Zhiliang’s Photography Exhibition of Manufacture in Dongguan

Curator Cui Bo

Opening time: 10:30 AM, June 24, 2018

Exhibition time: June 23, 2018-July 9, 2018 (9:00AM-16:30PM closed on Monday)

Exhibition venue: Exhibition Hall NO.1 and No.2, China Photography Exhibition Hall

Host unit: China Photography Exhibition Hall

Contractor: Dongguan City Literature and Art Association, Dongguan City Economy and Information-based Bureau, Dongguan City Photographers Association

Supporting organization: Dongguan Chamber of Commerce of Beijing, Dongguan City Science and Technology and Economy Development Promotion Association

铂金印相作品platinum printing works (2).jpgplatinum printing works

铂金印相作品platinum printing works (3).jpgplatinum printing works

The View of Compound Eyes

Li Nan

Facing with arrival of industrial age, the Britain critic Thomas Carlyle once said, “it will be not an age of heroism, religion or ethnics, but an era for industrialization. As thoughts and psychology of human beings become mechanized, it is the same situation for human hands. Machine is our god to dominate our life.”

Photography is one of these “gods” to dominate human beings. View of machine replace that of human eyes. Pictures are no longer the handwork product for years full of uncertainties, but the one-off momentary accurate creation for machine. Being absolutely clam and objective, camera lens can indiscriminately scan everything, incorporate them into a square box and re-endow them relationships and significance. Of course, it is the revolutionary outcome, so it is undoubted that France and Britain contended for rights of invention for photography. Finally, winner France declared with pride that it will be shared with other countries of world as a present for the whole world need or is waiting a new visual mechanism, even proclaim death of other visual methods at all costs. For example, the well-known sentence that “ drawing is dead” are still quoted frequently, whose message convey people’s desires for truth, certainty, equality and eternity.  

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

For industrial age to electronic age until smart age, people constantly invent machines to improve and promote their own life and existence qualities and expand their own action and ideology radius. Machine is both physical and mental. With born machine property, photography is bound to vigorous vitality generated by continuously upgrading and combining and recreating with other techniques and machines, which concentrates one point and offer a polyocular view. In this sense, photography always belongs to contemporary. Even for the oldest photography skills, it can also make contemporary images at any age, participate current construction and stimulate current development.

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

At the same time, over-dependence on machine also cause backfire of machines on human beings. When machines become god outmatching human beings, people will fall into salvers of machines. This dilemma demonstrates more obvious in a world being image. It will become more frequent, faster and direct to see others’ life details showed on various social media platforms, but more far away from real life of each other. As photography change people’s watching method, it also transforms itself. The essential characteristics of photography is no longer real records, but freewheeling creation and demonstration. If watching is still a cognitive route, the route itself can become a personal work full of uncertainty. Or what underlie the existence of this path is not bound to eternity and truth, but a new definition. The reality and fiction can shift at any time. Just because of this, all the commonplace contains the unusual and their co-existed method is picture.

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

Under the background of constant change and non-regular rules, applying photography with machine feature to demonstrate machine manufacture will become one challenging issue indicating people’s vision. The so-called industrial, urban and article photography own close relationship with that. In terms of China’s reality, extension of this theme keep high synchronization with high-speed development of Chinese economy and rapid change of social psychology, which is the visualization process of role label of “ world factory”. It is undoubted that machine is the projection of human beings. The role of photography is to deeply explore relationships between human beings and machines as well as with their ego through view of machine to machine.

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

Pearl River Delta is worthy of significant workshop of world factory, while Dong Guan is one of its production line owning future meaning. Different from the traditional work method that rely on low-cost labor and wide mechanized artificial work form, Dong Guan moves away from the form with mid-low end and unsubstantial innovation capacity in industrial structure towards transformation and upgrading on automation, digitization and intelligence of owning proprietary intellectual property rights on the basis of new generation information technology-changing from manufacture into intelligent industry. It is not only local development and innovation of Dong Guan itself, but also the typical case for the entire world factory to pursue breakthroughs.

东莞制造Manufacture in Dongguan (18).jpgManufacture in Dongguan

The batch of photography created by photographer Li Zhiliang are its unique reflections.

As endowing viewing eyes to machines, he unfolded his visual writing from three parallel and corelated aspects and finally join into a vivid but thick photography work.

Firstly, dimensionality of relationship: relationship between human beings and machines. As mentioned above, it is a core proposition. In this part, human being and machine reflect with each other and become background and subjects for each other. It demonstrates full-bodied scientific and future senses. Unlike painstaking manual workers in traditional industry, values of modern labors will be demonstrated in efficiency, accuracy and profession. As the smart industry, it is sample of intelligence itself. By using electronic equipment blinking colorful numbers, Li Zhiliang unfolds an unknown world and technicians wearing white uniforms indicate that all the unknowns are under the calm control of rationality. He exquisitely catches that the key point for relationship between modernized human beings and machines is higher-level wisdom. Machines are no longer subjects, but substance full of wisdoms. Of course, it also become one of roots to cause relationship crisis between human beings and machines. Fortunately, Li Zhiliang do not superficially interpret for that. In the joint pictures, no matter separation, overlapping and color changing of portraits or consistency of people’s actions on assembly line, all of them subtly flow the breath of programmed machines.

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

Manufacture in Dongguan

With method of only to one point, Li Zhiliang leave a clue for further deeply exploration. In these working scenes, daily situations of human beings and machines can be viewed and explore their constant-changing internal relationship through continuous repeated external activities.

Secondly, dimensionality of space: reappear internal machines with the microcosmic method. Obviously, it goes beyond the limitation available to human beings’ eyes. After being magnified several hundred or even hundreds of thousands of times, small chips, circuits, crystalline and nanopore are as magnificent as forests and rivers, appearing special postures and sense of beauty, where machine eyes can outpace that of human beings. The miracle of human being is that they can create subjects stronger than themselves. By virtue of machine, they can not only see surface of objects, but also go deep inside them. Freely pass through different spatial levels and taste wonders in spectacularity and micro world.

Thirdly, dimensionality of time: using platinum photography to freeze fast-passing scenes. As a classical print technique, tone of platinum is fine and smooth and can reserve as long as about one hundred year, which can be used for collection. In these works of Li Zhiliang, it still selects daily scenes with combination of virtuality and reality, which are similar to old photos in history. With characteristics of photography languages, Li Zhiliang fold time shaft so that we can view the history in the future at our time. Therefore, what will the future like? What about human beings and machine? What will the ultimation of intelligent manufacture? Such a series of questions will come soundlessly from the frames.

托盘无导电胶截界面图(21倍)sectional interface of tray without conductive adhesive(amplifying 21 times).jpgsectional interface of tray without conductive adhesive(amplifying 21 times)

无纺布结构图(100倍)structure drawing of non-woven fabrics(amplifying 100 times).jpgstructure drawing of non-woven fabrics(amplifying 100 times)

Beyond all questions, these three dimensionalities are independent and support each other. The short distance in space and long in time will be interwoven with various relationship. Similar to compound eyes consisting of three single eyes, it can view different scenes and carry out organic synthesis to obtain abundant and profound view and cognition experience. In fact, the current photography is a compound eye integrating camera, material, digital technique and social values.

Normal labors and great industry production were once attracted the attention of photographers. Intriguingly, as overall economic industrial structure change and production mode move towards high-technical and smart directions, demonstration of photography is relatively lacking in strength even aphasia. No matter superficial diagram or artificial modelling, all of them remind us that it is invariably neither fish nor fowl to apply mechanically past visual mode in modern situation of human beings and machines.

IC芯片电路图(600倍)IC chip  circuit diagram( amplifying 600 times).jpgIC chip circuit diagram( amplifying 600 times)

陶瓷材料断口(1000倍)fracture of porcelain material(amplifying 100 times).jpgfracture of porcelain material(amplifying 100 times)

Therefore, we must express our gratitude to Mr. Li Zhiliang who contribute such an excellent work for us. Tackling serious problems easily and recognizing the whole through observation of the part, he gives modern and appropriate expression to this theme and deepen it. He makes us understand vigor of “intelligent manufacture of Dong Guan”, but goes beyond it. With inner logic multiple angle and matched language mode, he made this vivid sample fully visualized to attract people reflect and think about it. In modern times as artificial intelligence has entered into every ordinary family and photography has become one of daily life modes, “viewing of compound eyes” are the watching of photography as well as reflections of people on themselves through such a method. Ultimately, they will jointly construct a precedented view mechanism. As human beings and machines have been profoundly related and changed with each other since the beginning of history, it may go far beyond imagination. In the photos of Li Zhiliang, such a historical transformation has emerged.

We will wait and see what happens!

19th, June, 2018, Guangzhou


Li Zhiliang

He is the resident of Chang’an County, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. He is the member of China Photographers Association, Director of China Photography Copyright Association, director of Dongguan Chief Representative Office, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Photographers Association and chairman of Dongguan City Photographers Association.

He edits the country’s first town-domain photography record “Chang’an Photography Record” and “Liang Huixiang Image Record”, “Yang Zijiang Image Record” and other personal photography records, in addition, he is involved in planning Chinese Photography Exhibition on China’s reform and opening up for 30 years, Chinese and foreign famous photographers’ view on Chang’an, Dongguan manufacturing photography workshops, etc.

In 2012, he was awarded as “top ten photographers of Lingshui Monkey Island” by Chinese Photographer Magazine.

In 2014, he became the first person to authenticate the copyright of photographic works of China Photographic Copyright Association.

In 2016, Cuban photography work “Impression of Rum Flavor” was exhibited in the 2nd Shenzhen International Photography Week Theme Exhibition.

In 2017, “Manufacture in Dongguan” was exhibited in the 7th Dali International Photography Exhibition and won the nomination award of best photographer.

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