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The Second Image of Silk Road-Tianshui Photography Biennale

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The Second Image of Silk Road-Tianshui Photography Biennale will be held on June 18, 2018 at the Tianshui City Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is sponsored by Gansu Province Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the People's Government of Tianshui City; undertaken by Gansu Photographers Association, Tianshui City CPC Committee Propaganda Department and Tianshui City Federation of Literary and Art Circles; Tianshui Photographers Association and Gucang Contemporary Photo Gallery as the co-organizers.

View Art Space is the curatorial institution of the biennale invitational exhibition unit. A curatorial team has been set up by famous curators from Germany, France, the United States, China and Hong Kong. This exhibition invited 85 well-known artists at home and abroad more than 900 (set) works to attend. This platform will continue to push the information of this exhibition, please pay attention.

About Tianshui

Tianshui, located in the southeast of Gansu Province, adjacent to the Guanzhong Plain, is an important node city in the Guanzhong plain city group and the central city of the Tianshui Economic Zone in Guanzhong. Tianshui was known as the birthplace of Fu Xi and Nu Wa, one of the important birthplaces of the 8000 years of Great Bay culture in China, known as "Xi Huang's home". There are 2 districts and 5 counties, with a total area of 14 thousand and 325 square kilometers and a total population of 3 million 829 thousand in Tianshui City.

Tianshui has a long history. It is the birthplace of Qin people and early Qin culture. It has more than 3000 years of written history and more than 2700 years of history of building city. In 688 years BC, the state of Qin established Gui county and Ji county, which was the earliest place to build the city in the history of China. There are 169 national and provincial and municipal key protected cultural relics, of which the world cultural heritage Maijishan Grottoes, one of the four largest Grottoes in China, is known as the "exhibition hall of Oriental Sculpture Art".

Tianshui is a famous national historical and cultural city and an excellent tourist city in China. It has famous scenic spots such as Maiji Mountain, Fu Xi Temple, Nanguo Temple, Waterfall Cave, Dadi Bay Site and other famous scenic spots, Qin’an apple, flower bull apple, Gangu pepper, Tianshui guagua, Tianshui laolao, Tianshui mianpi and other special products and delicacies.

About Tianshui Photography Biennale

The exhibition was held every two years in Tianshui and the first Tianshui Photography Biennale started in 2016. This exhibition is an important part of the "Third Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Exposition" and "the 2018 (Wu Xu) Festival of the Chinese Humanistic Ancestor Fu Xi and the 29th China Tianshui Fu Xi Cultural Tour Festival".

The exhibition consists of four sections: theme exhibition, guest exhibition, Photography Exhibition of Node Cities of Silk Road and Local Photography Exhibition of Tianshui, with more than 2,000 works on it.


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