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Youth Image|Jia Jinxin: Keep Watch

2018-05-10 16:27:55  source: PHOTOINTER []  author: Jia Jinxin  editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo


It is god’s plan to let us meet,

Looking at the boundless sky, we are guarding the same ground.

The greeting of birds, the sound of frogs, the invasion of mice,

All of them push our hearts to be closer, affirm our courage to stay with each other.

The unintentional companion, has destined our relation to bound together forever.

The wind cannot blow us apart.

The rain cannot diminish our smile.

Nether the storm, nor the snow can cover our true love.

All of these are for our original inspiration, and our feet will always stand still

In this ground, waiting, and waiting.

Artist BIO


National Art Fund Winner
Member of China Photographers' Association
Executive Vice Chairman of Jinhua Youth Photography Association
Attend the Photography Education in Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University (Central Craft Art College) in 2001
Being chosen to attend the Zhejiang Youth Photography Talent Workshop in 2012
The work Brothers(道上的兄弟) were named for the Documentary Photography of Hou Dengke
The photograph Lost Garden(迷失园) were shown in the Joint Show of Seven Zhejiang New Photographers in the Lishui Photography Museum
The work Lost Garden(迷失园) were shown in Pingyao International Photography Festival Exhibition for Four in 2013
Chosen for the “Xinfeng Plan” of Zhejiang Youth Visual Culture and Art in 2013
The work the Changing City(蜕变的城) were awarded as the Best Exhibition in Lishui International Photography Festival.
The work Everyone is a Buddha(十方众生皆佛) were chosen for the China Photographers Association Image International Network
20 Asian Young Photographers Lantern Show, 2015 Lishui Photography Festival.
Selected to the National Art Fund

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