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Hou Zhikuan: Make Life Full Of Love

2018-05-03 15:37:38  source: PHOTOINTER []  author: Hou Zhikuan  editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

Make Life Full Of Love

Love, a word that can't be simpler, but contains infinite power. The theme of love is eternal and constant, and it is found everywhere in our lives. Since we come into the world with a cry, we have been enjoying the care of parents and loved ones ;When we are in the very young age, we look forward to meeting a picturesque love unexpectedly ; When comes to the autumn of our life, our children and grandchildren will be full around the knees ,enjoy an easy life, companied each other ,hand in hand and heart to heart ,then get old together, it is the sunset that also red! Life is endless, move in circles, love is everywhere.

让生活充满爱1   侯智宽.JPG

The Make Life Full Of Love theme photography , that captures the wonderful moments from the lives of ordinary people and then keeps the memory of love. It vividly reflects through the images that the feelings between the grandfather and the grandson, the joy of the newlyweds, the love of lovers, the beauty of the family, the love in the autumn of life… The pictures are full of deep love.

Love is the sunshine, shines on the world; love is the rain, nourishes our life; love is eternal, it is the yearning in our hearts, recording our live with images that makes the world full of love.


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