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Winners of the Pink Lady food photography awards

2018-04-27 10:41:46  source: [Reprint]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

The prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition has revealed its winners after receiving 8,000 entries from 60 countries. We take a look at some of the winning entries that celebrate the art of food photography


Green beans: cream of the crop
Photograph: Andy Grimshaw


The Fishermen: Silabati is a perennial river, only getting inundated when water is released from the nearby dam, in Medinipur, West Bengal
Photograph: Debdatta Chakraborty


Spinning the Chardonnay: chardonnay grapes are pressed at Champagne Veuve Fourny and the juice flows into Belon tanks
Photograph: Victor Pugatschew


Praying with food: a section of the Hindu community is preparing to break the day-long fast in one of the local temples at Swamibag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They believe their fasting will redeem their sins. This photograph was the overall winner of the Pink Lady awards
Photograph: Noor Ahmed Gelal


Honeycomb and wax: frames are placed into hives to encourage bees to build honeycomb and fill with honey. Once filled, the frames are removed and the wax capping is scraped off using an uncapping fork. The honeycomb is then either broken off or the frames are placed into an extractor to remove the honey
Photograph: Becci Hutchings


Fisherman life: Lokman Miah is a fisherman cooking on a boat in Bhola, Bangladesh. On Bhola Island, fisher communities live in close proximity to the river where land is cheaper. This allows them to live close to their livelihood. At the same time, this location makes them vulnerable to riverbank erosion, which, according to villagers, has been increasing in recent years
Photograph: Probal Rashid


Rex bakery: Jade Nina Sarkhel captured the bullet-stricken walls of one of Mumbai’s oldest bakeries. Rex churns out 18,000 pao a day, operating 24/7 selling bread through the tiny counter overnight. Bread is given for free to those who can’t afford it
Photograph: Jade Nina Sarkhel


The art of being an apple: a vibrant still life
Photograph: Michael Meisen


Exmoor beasts: three curious and majestic highland cows on Exmoor in Somerset
Photograph: Paul Steven


Pastry and pears: small, imperfect pears from Linda Taylor’s tree were given to her local baker who transformed them into these brioche and ricotta pastries
Photograph: Linda Taylor


Schnitzelberg: from the series ‘Adam’s cooking for Eve’
Photograph: Oliver Hause

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