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The second International Photography Exhibition on swans and wild lives in Sanmenxia

2018-04-08 11:02:47  source: PHOTOINTER [Cooperative]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo



China Photographers Association
Joint Association of literary and artistic circles of Henan
Sanmenxia municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China
The people's Government of Sanmenxia

The Executive Organizer:

The press of Popular photography magazine
Henan Photographer Association
Propaganda Department of the CPC Sanmenxia municipal Party committee:

Two、Sanmenxia Photographer Association:
Every year, tens of thousands of celestial swans and a deep, thick loess plateau blend together, depicting a charming picture of man and nature in harmony. Through the works of local photographers and the cameras in their hands, the beauty of birds such as the fixed swan and the white swan are displayed in the beautiful moments of frolicking, wintering and rooting in the Sanmenxia area of the Yellow River.

The Second International Photography Exhibition on swans and wild lives in Sanmenxia

Photographers should formulate the touching moments of White swan and other wild animals through the angle of Art to reveal the beauty of nature and humanities by the slogan“The Yellow River in Sanmenxia, A Beautiful Swan City” , playing the harmonious movement of civilization between human and the nature. White swans, birds and wild animals in other parts can also be contributed. The detailed contents as follows:

1.White swan series
2.Wildlife series
3.Natural Ecological Cultural series

Five、Work requirements:

1.All of the China's provinces,cities and municipalities (including Hongkong SAR,Taiwan region and Macao SAR) and overseas photographers can also be contributed.
2.Contribute way
This exhibition only accepts online submissions. The address of the submissions is http: // The submissions are only in JPG format, with no more than 500K of documents per piece and 600-1000 pixels for long edges. The contributor should fill in the real name, available address, email, telephone number and ID card number when registering. After registration, the title, date, location and brief description of the work should be indicated in the Posting area. Any person who is not fully informed of the personal information submitted will be deemed to be automatically disqualified. The organizer, the contractor and the cooperative media shall have the right to publicize, introduce, display and report the activities on paper media and information network.
3. Please submit the large-sized data document file (file as.jpg file, size above 8M) on time The contributor who does not submit according to the above requirements will be deemed to be automatically disqualified.
4. The contributor shall ensure that the author is the original author of the works and shall have an independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright in the whole and part of the work; The contributors shall also ensure that the works submitted by them shall not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the third party, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights and privacy rights. Contributors shall bear all the consequences and responsibilities arising from their manuscripts and submissions.
5. Deadline: From the date of promulgation to May 15, 2018. After the deadline, the organizer will select the experts.
6, The organizer shall have the right to copy, distribute, display, projection, information network transmission, assembly and other ways to use selected works (including but not limited to, publications, exhibitions, built CD, film and TV programs, tourism promotion, special website, etc.), and with no extra pay.

Six、Important statement:
All contributors are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this draft and do not comply with the relevant regulations.

Seven、Selected works:
1. Selected works and remuneration: 120 pieces, 800 yuan for each contribution. The exhibition will be free to get the display and promotion of public photography new media and cooperation platform ‘popular gallery’.
2. The entries can be applied in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese photographers association.
3. Individual income tax shall be withheld from payment by the issuing unit. The final interpretation of the draft will be attributed to the owner and the organizer.

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