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Youth Image|Yu Jiarui:Attraction

2018-03-27 15:23:42  source: PHOTOINTER []  author: ​Yu Jiarui  editor: zhangss

Why taking a picture? There is no need to pick up a camera if the scene cannot catch my eyes. I follow my instinct and photograph genuineness and uniqueness of the real world prompted by constant visual hints. “Attraction” is a very straightforward instinct. Subconscious is always aroused at the right moment even without thinking. It creates a feeling of ever seen, or maybe the light regret for a late meeting when encountering something special. Every picture is an evidence which proves what I was attracted to. As a result, there is no better title than “Attraction” to summarize all these precious encounters.

Yu Jiarui ,born in 1990 ,Shanxi Datong。Freelance photographer,WeChat media“rayki-art”writer。

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