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Being: New Photography 2018

2018-03-19 15:23:04  source: MoMA [Reprint]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

Every two years, MoMA’s celebrated New Photography exhibition series presents urgent and compelling ideas in recent photography and photo-based art. This year’s edition, Being, asks how photography can capture what it means to be human.

At a time when questions about the rights, responsibilities, and dangers inherent in being represented—and in representing others—are being debated around the world, the works featured in Being call attention to assumptions about how individuals are depicted and perceived. Many challenge the conventions of photographic portraiture, or use tactics such as masking, cropping, or fragmenting to disorient the viewer. In others, snapshots or found images are taken from their original context and placed in a new one to reveal hidden stories.While some of the works might be considered straightforward representations of individuals, others do not include images of the human body at all. Together, they explore how personhood is expressed today, and offer timely perspectives on issues of privacy and exposure; the formation of communities; and gender, heritage, and psychology.

Exploring new ground and the many forms that the photographic image can take, New Photography is a key part of the Museum’s contemporary program. Since 1985, the series has introduced new work by over 100 artists from around the world. In 2018, Being brings together an international group of 17 artists at various stages in their careers, all presenting their work at the Museum for the first time.

Arts List:

Sofia Borges (巴西, 1984)

Matthew Connors (美国, 1976)

Pyongyang X.jpg

Matthew Connors. Pyongyang from the series Unanimous Desire. 2016

Sam Contis (美国, 1982)

Shilpa Gupta (印度, 1976)

Adelita Husni-Bey (意大利, 1985)

ADD_Glassdome2_300.jpgAdelita Husni-Bey. The Council. 2018

Yazan Khalili (巴基斯坦, 出生于叙利亚, 1981)

Harold Mendez (美国, 1977)

Harold Mendez.jpg

Harold Mendez. At the edge of the Necrópolis. 2017

Aïda Muluneh (埃塞尔比亚,1974)

Hương Ngô and Hồng-Ân Trương (美国, 出生于香港(中国), 1979; 美国, 1976)

Huong Ngo and Hong-An Truong.jpgHuong Ngo and Hong-An Truong. The opposite of looking is not invisibility. The opposite of yellow is not gold. 2016

B. Ingrid Olson (美国, 1987)

Joanna Piotrowska (波兰, 1985)

Em Rooney (美国, 1983)

Em Rooney.jpg

Em Rooney. Pictures, Keychains, Freedom Ladder. 2016

Paul Mpagi Sepuya (美国, 1982)

Andrzej Steinbach (德国, 出生于波兰, 1983)

Stephanie Syjuco (美国, 出生于菲律宾, 1974)

Syjuco_cargocults_Headbundle_2016_300 dpi.jpg

Stephanie Syjuco. Cargo Cults: Head Bundle. 2013-16

Carmen Winant (美国, 1983)

Carmen Winant crop.jpgCarmen Winant. My Birth. 2018

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