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Melati Suryodarmo:TIMORIBUS

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ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present a solo exhibition "TIMORIBUS" by renowned performance artist Melati Suryodarmo. It is an inaugural comprehensive exhibition in Singapore, that will showcase Melati’s multidisciplinary approach to art, consisting of a variety of works ranging from photography, videography, to what she is best known for – durational performance. The exhibition will open on Thursday, 25 January 2018 and runs through 25 March 2018, with an accompanying live performance by the artist on 25 and 26 January 2018.


TIMORIBUS: 2018.1.25, 4pm - 9pm

Transaction of Hollows,Live Performance: 2018.1.25/26, 5pm - 9pm

TIMORIBUS:2018.1.25 - 2018.3.25

Transaction of Hollows: 2018.1.27 - 2018.2.25

Daily visiting: 11am - 7pm, Excluding Mondays, Tuesdays and Public Holidays)


ShanghART Singapore, 9 Lock Road, #02-22 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108937

Selected Photographs

Compared with the videos, Melati’s photography seems to be a silent termination of her performance actions and processes. When all emotions are frozen on the surface of the photos, it forms an atmosphere within and without the images. Her recent photography "Tomorrow, As Purposed" series, presents the spirit of intense confrontation and personal anxiety with the dynamic and gestures of body, and "Window" series extends the relationship between "physical body" / "cultural body" to the "outer" / "inner", the main "Self" finalizes a distinction out of the fear and resistance to "the Constitutive Other".


Broken | 2018 | Photography | 33x50cm | Edition of 5+2AP


Tomorrow, As Purposed: SHOES| 2018 | Photography | 60x90cm | Edition of 5+2AP


Self Portrait (Triptych)| 2018 | Photography | Each: 90x60cm (x3 pieces) | Edition of 5+2AP

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