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The best pictures: Photofairs in San Francisco

2018-02-23 10:01:40  source: [Reprint]  author: Mee-Lai Stone  editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

The contemporary art fair San Francisco Photofairs returns for its second year, featuring 40 galleries from 15 countries. The boutique fair offers collectors and curators access to artists never seen before in the area.

It runs 22–25 February at the Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center.


Alma Haser’s Puzzle, 2017

The latest series from the artist deals with identical twins and the idea of two versions of the same person. While her primary medium is photography, she also uses paper-folding techniques, collage and puzzle-making
Photograph: Alma Haser/De Soto Gallery, Los Angeles

2.jpgElinor Carucci’s Kiss, 2017

This image was commissioned for the viral New Yorker article Cat Person by Kristen Roupenian. Carucci is an Israeli American photographer whose previous work on motherhood gained her much acclaim
Photograph: Elinor Carucci/Courtesy of the artist and Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York and Zurich

3.jpgEva Stenram’s Part 5, 2014

Stenram’s exhibition Offcut combines the photographic with a three-dimensional installation. As with her previous work, she uses found vintage pin-up images
Photograph: Eva Stenram/The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam


Eva Stenram’s Drape IV, 2012

Stenram’s work examines her own relationship with existing images as a viewer. Her choice to materialize elements, fabrics in this instance, from within the picture means that the conditions for viewing are altered
Photograph: Eva Stenram/The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam

5.jpgGohar Dashti’s Home series, 2017

The fair boasts a west coast debut for new works by the Iranian artist. She is fascinated by overgrown plantation within spaces in Iran. “People moved out, and the images show what happens when one’s home is left behind,” she said. “The photographs reveal the power of nature to consume and conquer a home”
Photograph: Gohar Dashti/Robert Klein Gallery, Boston

6.jpgGohar Dashti’s Home series, 2017

Dashti is interested in how nature can be made political. “What happens to the environment when human populations are displaced or destroyed by war?” she said. “People are transient while nature is a constant; it will be here long after we are all gone”
Photograph: Gohar Dashti/Robert Klein Gallery, Boston

7.jpgErica Deeman’s Brown series, 2016

For this series, the photographer continued to explore identity through portraits of men of the African diaspora. Her subjects were found by asking friends, acquaintances and often strangers to sit in her living room
Photograph: Erica Deeman/Anthony Meier Fine Art, San Francisco

8.jpgTania Franco-Klein’s Our Life in the Shadows Contained (Self Portrait), 2016

This series from the Mexican artist is influenced by the pursuit of the “American dream lifestyle” and how this can lead to isolation and anxiety. “My characters find themselves almost anonymous, melting in places, vanishing into them, constantly looking for any possibility of escape,” she said
Photograph: Tania Franco-Klein/Almanaque Gallery, Mexico City

9.jpgXyza Cruz Bacani’s Occupy Hong Kong series, 2014

Bacani was a Filipino domestic worker moonlighting as a photographer in Hong Kong who left her life in 2015 to work in New York after being awarded a fellowship. “My parents cried,” she said at the time. “Having their eldest to reach a dream is a big deal for people like us who have nothing”
Photograph: XYZABACANI/Xyza Cruz


Juergen Teller’s Suzanne in Hydra No 12, featured in Vogue Italia, Greece, 2017

Teller’s work includes magazine shoots for The Face, i-D and Vogue Italia as well as campaigns for Marc Jacobs. He has shot celebrities including Kanye West and Charlotte Rampling
Photograph: Juergen Teller/Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris

11.jpgMathew Tom’s Society series, 2011

Tom’s series is a reflection of his ideas of a utopian society turned dystopian through boredom and vanity: “On the outset, a perfect place where beauty and belief reign, but the onset of boredom, lack of structure and narcissism lead to dissatisfaction,” he said
Photograph: Mathew Tom/Christine Park Gallery, London

12.jpgFreudenthal and Verhagen’s Splash, 2015

Freudenthal and Verhagen are a Dutch photography duo based in Amsterdam. Their work is defined by a constant search for ways to expand the idea of fashion photography, crossing lines between fashion and art
Photograph: Freudenthal Verhagen/The Ravestijn Gallery

13.jpgMandy Barker, Balaplus aforastuic, from the Beyond Drifting series, 2015

This series is presented as an old science book from the 1800s, capturing our changing times along with past and present research. It was shortlisted for the Prix Pictet award 2017
Photograph: Mandy Barker

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