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The 2017 comedy wildlife photography awards

2017-12-20 17:13:33  source: [Reprint]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

Out of 3,500 entries from across the world, this year’s funny winners include a laughing dormouse, a shocked seal, and bears caught in the act.


Tibor Kercz’s owl trying to climb back on to a branch in Ópusztaszer, Hungary, is overall winner, as well as portfolio winner.

Photograph: Tibor Kercz / Barcroft Images

2.jpgThe laughing dormouse

Andrea Zampatti’s dormouse, taken in Italy, wins the On the Land category.

Photograph: Andrea Zampatti / Barcroft Images

3.jpgFlying duck

John Threlfal wins the Up in the Air category with his shot of a duck flying in front of a plane trail in Preston, UK.

Photograph: John Threlfal / Barcroft Images

4.jpgSlap in the face

Troy Mayne wins the Under the Sea category for his sea turtle slapping a passing fish in Bacong, Philippines.

Photograph: Troy Mayne / Barcroft Images

5.jpgTake me to church

Carl Henry wins highly commended for his trio of penguins heading to church in South Georgia Island, southern Atlantic.

Photograph: Carl Henry / Barcroft Images

6.jpgFriends in high places

Jean-Jacques Alcalay wins highly commended for his blue wildebeest appearing to ride a wave of hundreds of other wildebeest in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Photograph: Jean-Jacques Alcalay/ Barcroft Images

7.jpgGreat escape

Katy Laveck-Foster wins highly commended for her monkeys enjoying a moped ride in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Photograph: Katy Laveck Foster / Barcroft Images

8.jpgBecause I’m happy

Penny Palmer wins highly commended for her happy sea otter in California, US.

Photograph: Penny Palmer / Barcroft Images

9.jpgHitch a ride

Daisy Gilardini wins highly commended for her polar bear cub clambering on to its mum in Manitoba, Canada.

Photograph: Daisy Gilardini / Barcroft Images

10.jpgMudskippers got talent

Daniel Trim wins highly commended for his two mudskippers fighting over territory in Krabi, Thailand.

Photograph: Daniel Trim / Barcroft Images


Douglas Croft wins highly commended for his fox appearing to use a golf course as his personal toilet in San Jose, US.

Photograph: Douglas Croft / Barcroft Images

12.jpgWhat’s up doc?

Olivier Colle’s wild rabbit in Flanders, Belgium, wins highly commended

Photograph: Olivier Colle / Barcroft Images

13.jpgCaught in the act

Bence Mate wins highly commended for his shot of two bears having some night-time fun in Harghita county, Romania

Photograph: Bence Mate / Barcroft Images

14.jpgSay what?!

George Cathcart wins highly commended for his shocked seal in San Simeon, California

Photograph: George Cathcart / Barcroft Images

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