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Lumen Matrix-International Digital Art Exhibition

2017-12-19 16:15:14  source: Today Art Museum [Reprint]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo


Opening time:2017.11.24 17:30

Duration: 2017.11.25 -- 2018.01.07

Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.2

Exhibition Preface

The Lumen Prize, a global award and tour for digital art will open its first show in Beijing on November 25 at Today Art Museum. The exhibition will showcase more than 20 artworks including still image, installations, and VR works. Alongside award winning artworks from the 2017 Lumen Prize - including this year’s Gold Award winner Plastic Reflectic - past years’ prize winners and finalists are also presented. In a special section of the show, a Virtual Reality theatre will be displayed, thanks to the support of the Renaissance Company.

This exhibition is part of the sixth annual Lumen Prize global tour, following shows in the UK and preceding an exhibition in St Petersburg, Russia. Entitled Lumen Matrix, this year’s Asian leg of the tour opens in Beijing. Matrix, a mathematical term, stands for a rectangular array of numbers arranged in rows and columns. The mathematical concept is widely adopted in handling data and categorizing a set of relevant numbers.

“With the invention of the computer and its binary language, massive matrices formed by 0 and 1 became regularly exposed to scrutiny. In this Digital Age constituted of codes and digits, human beings are thoroughly entrapped in the world of matrices.” Wang Yan, the curator, comments. “Matrices build up a virtual world and technology. In the physical world, high synergy and consistency generated by ‘artificial intelligence’, together with information disseminated in velocity, catch human civilization between the devil and the deep blue sea.”


Wang Yan


Thijs Biersteker,Nicole Ruggiero / Molly Soda / Refrakt,Michelle & Uri Kranot, Lien-cheng Wang,Mathias Dorfelt, Zarah Hussain,Fabio Dartizio,Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm,Will Hurt,Stefan Reiss,Carla Chan , CYLAND Media Art Lab / Elena Gubanova/Ivan Govorkov, David Glicksman & Moses Journey,Seeeklab,Zheng Da,Damien Borowik ,Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri

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