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Yang Deng: If Art Can Start A New Again

2017-11-10 11:21:12  source: PHOTOINTER [Reprint]  author: Yang Deng  editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo


Capital is the power for art. So the art generated after the 20th century studies on social problems and explores the orientation of culture. Even the fight for regional art right has become the main content and evaluation benchmark for contemporary art. Positively, the artistic function stands out during this process. However, when art is becoming the output mode for thinking and judgment of modern culture, as art becomes closer-related with Capital, society and politics, it will surely be led to become the tool for capital and politics. Finally it will result in its affiliated characteristics, which will become increasingly violent. It varies in different systems. In Western countries it is sure to be affiliated to capital while in other places it is certain to be subsidiary to politics.


Alina Tenser,Kismet Tutorial,


Sun Cunming,Untitled(Dream Real),


Bobby Davision(US),


This is also the reason why the evaluation benchmark of contemporary art is gradually monopolized by capital and politics. But in fact the power of art is far from this. Nowadays the introduction of technology makes the so called artistic methodology pale and weak. This is another start for the reconstruction of artistic power aesthetics. Here I am not against the concept but we need to face and build a new start for aesthetic acknowledgement.


Wang Hongxuan


P·Seth Thompson (US),

The apotheosis of edgar mitchell,2012



Blowing Riccardo,2015

Modernism enables human beings to get comparatively well prepared for the emergence of technology on social pattern. Thus, we can face the constant challenge of new concepts and logic originated from Western capitalism, and be vigilance embedded by modernism. In this global and historical context, the Chinese will absorb and rapidly establish our own cultural development pattern with typical Chinese characteristics.


Wang Tuo,Addicted, 2016,

We will not be greatly affected in our abilities and rights involved in dealing with scientific innovation, scientific and technological management and even consumption. At this stage, we may take is as an excellent opportunity to reflect on and trace back our local culture from the perspective of the global scientific consumption rights. But we are currently facing more severe challenges than that during the modernism period. That is the approach of running modern capital is highly dependent on the rapid scientific development, which is beyond any other period in history. To put it simply, we may say that man rely and expect the creation of something human being created, which is far from what human beings can possibly control.


Marievic (France),Masculine/Feminine,



Mermaid Can Zhou Qiannan,2016,

Similarly, art will also be faced with the "Cultural Revolution" caused by the science and technology; the artist will also be affected by the surreal cultural landscape. After the Second World War, the competition of science and technology and cultural development is becoming increasingly intense because of the inevitable demand of capitals among different countries.


Industrial JP (日),Industrial jp,


This class will describe the artistic changes in a global and historical context, in which new technologies are adopted as well as changes of interpreting graphics and the methods of interpretation in digital and virtual age. Owing to these changes, both the further research goal in science and technology and the direction of cultural and artistic development become less clear and transparent. At the same time, the artists have a higher demand for trying new artistic experiences, which are possible because of the progress in science and technology and the changes in consumption pattern.


Marievic (France), Kiss W/ Matisse,


Territories Circonscrits,

Thibault Brunet(France),2016

The exhibition “If art can start anew again” is presented through the transfer from the fundamental photographic language to multimedia presentation. This is an attempt to explore the potential of exhibiting the prolonged aesthetic characteristics of photography, with the reformulation of new high-tech media.


Fang Minyao,I Am Waiting For The Day

We Meet Again,2016

In this new effort to explore the new possibilities of artistic representation, the traditional graphic interpretation approach will change accordingly, together with the new media presentation. The destruction and reconstruction of the new graphic interpretation logic in the shooting process will undergo a series of exploration and experiments of moving from “graphic design” photography to the “occupation of physical space” photography.


Sun Cunming,Masturbation,2015

In the process of developing new image-generating technology application and the resulting new image will function and contemporary society relations, so facing the challenges of today is the art of photography technology and when Reflections on the new artistic latitude caused by the abrupt change of supply and demand relation of image culture.

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