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Iconic Moments-Original Portrait Exhibition of Yousuf Karsh

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Curator: Zeng Yi / Zhao Zude

Academic Host: Wang Baoguo

Exhibition Coordinator: Yang Ming

Host: China Millennium Monument · Art Museum

Karsh Museum of Toronto Museum of Art and Design

Duration: October 26-November 8, 2017

Location: The second Floor, the West Hall, China Millennium Monument

Karsh self portrait.jpgKarsh self portrait

Brief Introduction

What we face are one hundred the greatest faces in politic, science, art and various fields of the 20th century in the lens of one of the greatest contemporary portrait photographers. When the greatness plus the greatness, and Churchill, Einstein, Hemingway, Picasso and other world celebrities walk to us from the Karsh's lens, Iconic Moments-Original Portrait Exhibition of Yousuf Karsh, The Master of Photography is no longer just a photography exhibition, but a solemn gaze between the audience and hundreds of Karsh's original works and hundreds of holy faces of the great men. In this artistic baptism and spiritual resonance, we can not only learn Karsh's superb shooting skills and magic ability of catching moments, but can realize his sharp observation to the human nature and the "inner force" of the subjects...

This exhibition selects 101 typical portrait photos by Yousuf Karsh, among which the Angry Churchill and Smile Churchill will be exhibited simultaneously, and this is also a very rare historical opportunity. Tribute to the classics! Let's review the most brilliant time of this golden age in the history of world photography.

Winston Churchill.jpg

Winston Churchill

Edward Teller

Jacques Cousteau

Humphrey Bogart

Pablo Picasso

Cecil Demir

Ernest Hemingway


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