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Call for Entries to 17th China International Photographic Art Exhibition

2017-12-31 18:12:14  source: PHOTOINTER [Cooperative]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

Launched with the approval of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China in 1981, the China International Photographic Art Exhibition (CIPAE), which is organized by the China Photographers Association (CPA), is the largest photographic exhibition in China with the longest history and the most extensive international influence.

The 17th China International Photographic Art Exhibition (CIPAE), co-organized by the China Photographers Association (CPA) and the Municipal People’s Government of Zhengzhou, will be held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, in the first half of 2018. The exhibition aims to showcase the achievements countries have made in photography over recent years and display the useful attempts and practices of photographers around the world in the field of photography, thus promoting the exchange, integration and development of photographic cultures of all countries.

Photographers and photographic groups in all corners of the world are welcome to submit their works to this competition.

I. Date:

Deadline: Dec. 31, 2017

Appraisal date: Jan. 2018

Result announcement date: Feb. 2018

Exhibition date: May 2018

Date of delivery of certificates, album: Jun. 2018

II. Selection:

The exhibition is divided into three categories, namely documentary, art, and “direction · horizon” theme category. One hundred pieces will be selected for each category, 300 pieces in total.

Each participant may choose one or more categories, but any entry should not be submitted to more than one category. Both single photo and series are acceptable. Each single photo or series is counted as “one piece”. The number of photos in each series (or piece) should be limited to 4 - 8. The details are as follows:

1. Documentary: 100 pieces

Interpretation: The subject of this category is not limited. Documentary category refers to the works that objectively record social life, ecological environment and folkways. Photos in this category include news photography, photography for special reports, social documentary photography as well as nature documentary photography. Contents of raw images should not be added or deleted for works under the documentary category. In the post-production, appropriate adjustment of chiaroscuro and tone should not result in distortion of objective and true attributes of the subject. A colorful photo can be totally (should not be partially) converted to a black-and-white photo (or a monochrome photo). Except for the title, a caption (less than 100 words, including time, place and key points of an event) is required for each work or series.

2. Art: 100 pieces

Interpretation: The subject of this category is not limited. Art category refers to the works that give expression to esthetic sentiments and emotions. Its subject matters include cultural landscape, folkways, figures, inanimate subjects, animals and plants. This category also covers creative, conceptual and experimental photography, without restriction on the artistic technique.

3. “Direction • Horizon” Theme Category: 100 pieces (works that participate in this category should be created according to the interpretation of “direction • horizon,” and there is no restriction on the creative technique.)

Interpretation: Direction, nature, human, social development direction; horizon (homophonic as “world” in Mandarin Chinese). Photographers observe the changes of the world through the lens and present the world from their hearts.

4. Outstanding organizers or individuals: about 10

Given to the organizers or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to this exhibition.

Each selected author can obtain a certificate issued by the organizers and a collection album that includes his or her own works.

The organizing committee may adjust the honors set above according to the actual situation. If any place is disqualified due to irregularities or other reasons, the vacancy will no longer be filled.

III. Rules

1. Entry submission: Please enter the “17th China International Photographic Art Exhibition” section. Then register, fill in all required information, and upload your works by following online instructions. Only digital photos in JPEG format with the longest side of 1024 pixels will be accepted.

2. The exhibition does not accept the selected works of previous CPA-held CIPAEs or National Photographic Art Exhibitions.

3. Participants should make sure that they have finished their entries independently, and that they possess independent, complete, explicit, and non-controversial copyright on their works; they should also warrant that their works do not infringe upon any other person’s legitimate rights, including copyright, portrait right, reputation right and right to privacy.

4. All or part of images of any other person should not be used for all entries by any technology or method. The participant should be legally liable for any dispute resulting from violation of the foregoing.

5. For works and actions that could sufficiently jeopardize the public order (including but not limited to situations that may seriously mislead public awareness or have the nature of fraud, and all other situations that are in violation of national law, social morality, public order and good customs), they should be immediately disqualified once found.

6. Statement: In case of copyright disputes and other serious violations of the rules, the organizing committee should disqualify the participants in question and inform the media; for circumstances that are particularly serious, the violator will be prohibited from participating in any exhibitions or activities organized by CPA for two years until life.

7. Note: The raw image files (original digital data or negatives) of the selected works under documentary category should be submitted to the organizing committee within the specified time for authentication by experts, production of exhibition photos, etc. and thereafter, such negatives should be returned. The raw images should be taken by the photographers themselves with equipment of photo-taking functions. The raw images should contain complete raw data about the model of equipment, shooting time and all relevant parameters, and should not be processed by any software. Failure to submit the required raw images within the specified time should be deemed giving up the candidacy.

IV. Appraisal

The organizing committee will form an expert team consisting of several renowned photography experts from home and abroad, so as to carry out fair and impartial appraisals of all submitted entries that comply with the rules provided in this notice.

V. Relevant Matters

1. The selected works of this exhibition constitute one of the qualifications for the photographers to apply for members of the China Photographers Association.

2. The appraisal and selection results will be made public on the CPA website ( for one week in Feb. 2018. During the publicity period, a special mailbox will be set up to accept real-name reporting. The final results will be published on the CPA website and in other CPA-associated media.

3. Each participant will receive an e-catalogue of this exhibition.

4. The organizing committee is entitled to displaying relevant entries to this exhibition on the CPA website, and using the selected works in the exhibitions, yearbooks, catalogues, art books, CDs as well as media promotion and other online or offline activities free of charge from June 2018 to 31 May 2020.

5. The participants who have submitted their works should be deemed agreeing to all the rules provided in this notice.

6. The organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation on this notice and all matters in relation to the exhibition.

7. Contact Information

China Photographers Association, 48 Dongsi Shi’ertiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China (Please mark “CIPAE”)

Postal code: 100007

Tel/Fax: 0086-10-65255117, 0086-10-65141380


Contact persons: Wang Yongjie Tang Yaqun


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