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Call For Artists:New York International Photography Art Show

2017-08-30 10:53:10  source: PHOTOINTER [Special Manuscript]  author:   editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

American International Photographer Union (AIPU) 2017 New York International Photography Art Show, scheduled for opening in late October this year in New York City. The winning entries and other selected works will be displayed at the opening week, as well as through the Union certified New York AIPU Gallery, multi-channel participation in the auction collection promotion activities extended to 2018 years.


This year's New York International Photography Art Show, call for the works from Chinese curators, photographers and institutions, basically follow the previous New York annual implementation of the methods and rules. Through exhibitions, publishing, promotion and academic seminars and other activities to promote the development of photography and imaging career, found photographic talent, to explore outstanding works, and continuously enhance the artistic value of the photographic works and market value.

The way of calling for artists: Organized and recommended photographers' works are organized by the curators, cooperatives and affiliated art consultants of the Union (AIPU); Photographers can submit directly their works to the exhibition. At the same time accept the final works exhibition offered by cooperation agencies (galleries) which agreed by the annual exhibition committee.

Classification of works:

This year call for following three categories of photography works: art, records, commercial. Each photographer may choose to vote in the category, the same piece of work cannot be repeated delivery of different categories. The total number of photographers should not vote more than two works, each work can be composed of single or group photos. Each group of works should be within 10 or less.


This year exhibition will set the Union Chairman Award 5, the annual gold medal 10, annual exhibition award 15. The winners are awarded by the Union, and the winners who get two times are eligible to become members of the Union. Candidates who have been selected for the show will be issued certificate. To each photographers selected for exhibition are granted the annual exhibition books. Selected works are to be recommended to art markets to promote and operate for the collection and sales, if need will be signed with author separately.


works shooting equipment is not limited, subject matter, genre and style is not limited, color, black and white is not limited. The evaluation of the work will take into account the post-production of the electronic file provided. Mobile photography should have the basic quality of its output. The work should be in JPG format.

Submission of works should be with the title of the message "photographer name + work name". Clearly provided with each (group) works corresponding to the title, shooting time and place, can be accompanied by a brief description of the text. Accompanied by photographers contact telephone, email, mailing address and zip code. The deadline for submission is October 20. Contribution email:

Participants are required to pay the basic exhibiting fee, including works production, exhibition hall, works collection, exhibitors certificate and postage and other expenses. Curators and institutions of the works, by the curators and agencies unified remittance. The photographer submits the contribution directly remit the fee after receiving the notice of the selection of the work. If you want to go to New York, an invitation letter can be issued by the Union.

Contributors should use the real name to ensure that the work does not infringe the third party’s copyright, portrait rights, reputation, privacy and other rights. The whole work copyright, copyright and portrait rights of the material used in the selected works are the responsibility of the contributor. The Union has the right to use contributed works in the relevant activities, such as reproduction, exhibition, promotion and so on. Where the entries are deemed to have agreed to the terms of this article, the Union has the final interpretation right of this article.

Contact: Curatorial director: Andy Exhibition Secretary: Jessie

Contact number: 1-347-363-9494, 1-347-732-4073 (fax)

Contact email:

1-特拉维夫Tel Aviv 3_A_160720_0136-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpeg

Adi Tarkay (Israel) Story of Three Halves

1. Caledonia.jpgMoira Ness(Canada) Night view

Chen Yajun(中国) Manhattan

Chen Yajun(中国) Manhattan

Chen Yajun(中国) Manhattan

Chen Yajun(中国) Manhattan

Jerry Downs(USA) Why You Were Born

Jerry Downs(USA) Why You Were Born

Rafael Fuchs (USA) Forever Bushwick

Rafael Fuchs (USA) Forever Bushwick

2-Bus_Passing_看图王.jpgJoe Burull(USA) Taking Pause

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