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Call for Contributions to “Everyday · Images of Heart — Group Photography Exhibition of Young Photographers from Home and Abroad”

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Images of Heart · Discover New Strength for Photography

Call for Contributions to “Everyday · Images of Heart — Group Photography Exhibition of Young Photographers from Home and Abroad”

Follow Your Heart, Create Your Image

Inner Feelings Materialized in Images

Photograph Your Own Story

In the US, Japan, Spain, France, Israel, India and Korea…

There are youngsters just like you

Who talk to the world through cameras

Starting in 2015, the “Everyday” group photography exhibition of young photographers from home and abroad aims at encouraging the youngsters to express, and discovering new strength for photography. The exhibitions held in 2015 and 2016, themed successively on “Everyday · Reflection” and “Everyday · Encounter,” solicited and displayed nearly 400 sets of feature photographic works from over 300 photographers of more than 20 countries and regions including China, the US, Japan, Korea, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand. The exhibitions also introduced nearly 100 excellent domestic and foreign young photographers to the world. Over the past two years, featuring multimedia slideshows, the exhibitions toured the 11th Chinese Photo Festival, Photo Beijing, Dali International Film Club, Lishui International Photography Festival, and other important occasions alike.

We hope that the exhibition every year offers an opportunity for the photographers to know about the encounters between their photographic works and audiences from deep inside.

This year, the exhibition will be themed on “Everyday · Images of Heart.” Now we are calling for works with temperatures to feel, stories to tell, thoughts to convey and values to express from young photographers from home and abroad.

Sponsor: Information Resource Department of China Photographers Association

Organizer: photointer (

Co-organizers: China Photographers Association (;

cpanet (

I. About the Deadline

The deadline is set on September 15, 2017.

II. Who can participate? What kind of works do we want?

1. Photographers from home and abroad under 40 years old, regardless of nationality and occupation, are eligible to participate.

2. Works should be submitted in no more than three sets, each containing 20-30 pieces and with a clearly expressed theme.

3. The theme is not subject to any limitation, but the works should be relatively mature which are created after long-time observation of the subject.

4. The works can be created via diversified techniques, but the techniques and visual approaches should only serve the content which motivates inner emotions.

III. How to participate?

1. Feature photographic works

1) All participants should submit works in JPG format and name the works by “photographer name + work title + serial number.” Each photo should be no smaller than 1 M and no larger than 3 M, and the pixels of the long edge should be above 2,000. The titles and relevant captions should correspond with the names of the files submitted, presented with serial numbers after elaboration of the works.

2) Such information as the participant’s name, telephone number, resume with photographic experience, feature descriptions, work title, and relevant elaborations should be submitted in WORD format.

3) Please package your works and other materials and sent them via E-mail to

2. Multimedia videos

1) Multimedia videos are encouraged. Works may be feature photographic works in multimedia forms (with music, captions and audios, etc.), and more preferably, multimedia works with multimedia art thoughts. But these are not compulsory requirements.

2) The work title, photographer name, and short descriptions should be displayed at the beginning of the video. If permitted, an English-Chinese version is preferred for future recommendations to international institutions and media.

3) Videos should be 3-4 minutes long, in MP4 format, and with a definition of over 720 p, 1080 p suggested.

4) Others: Same with the second and third regulations specified for “feature photographic works,” should you submit an ultra-large document, please upload it onto a cloud disk of any kind, and share the link via E-mail to

IV. What can photographers get if their works are selected in the exhibition?

We will select 20 photographers’ works for the exhibition and 1,200 RMB per photographer who was selected for the remuneration. Award the photographers with certificates (the certificates can add two points when the photographer applies for membership of the China Photographers Association).

The works selected will be exhibited or showed with multimedia on important photography festivals and other photographic activities at home and abroad. Lectures or workshops will also be held for experience sharing. The multimedia slideshow is scheduled to make its debut during Photo Beijing in October 2017.

We will recommend the works selected to our international media partners and cooperative institutions, and also to over 10 important domestic and oversea media and online platforms.

V. Others

1. The sponsor reserves the right to utilize works that are selected for the exhibition or for the production of large-sized documents. Overdue submission shall be deemed as waiver of eligibility.

2. A disclosure regime will be mandated for this exhibition. The list of selected works and photographers is to be announced on the Photointer for public supervision.

3. After the awards are released, the works will be displayed on,, and

4. As long as the works have valid copyright, the photographer whose works have been selected for the exhibition shall allow the sponsor and organizer to conduct non-profit publicity by means of duplication, publication, exhibition, display and online transmission, and recommend the works to domestic and oversea photography cultural institutions, photography exhibitions and festivals and media, for non-profit publicity. When necessary, the third party shall sign an agreement on the usage of photos with the photographer.

5. The contributor shall make sure that he/she has the independent, complete, clarified and indisputable copyright to the work. The work shall not violate the legitimate right and interests, including copyright, right of portrait, right of reputation, and right of privacy, of a third party. If such relevant disputes occur, the contributor shall undertake all the legal liability.

6. There is no charge on participation or returning of work.

7. The sponsor shall reserve the right of final interpretation on the above content and the collection campaign. Whoever participates in the selection agrees with all and every regulation specified herein.

Contact: 010-64043739




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