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Youth Image|Leong Chong Lao:Objects of Nothingness

2017-04-25 22:59:40  source: PHOTOINTER []  author: Leong Chong Lao  editor: zhangss

If we put aside the functionality of the object itself, what will be our feelings about it? I am always addicted by the appearance of object before understanding for the existence of it.

In addition to the functionality of the object itself, I believe there would be many reasons for its existence. I communicate with them when the moment I was photographing and gazing, that was a kind of communication without speech. Photography reveals the mysteries of objects. When objects were framed under a certain temporal and space, the functionality of the objects had became less important, we only need to think carefully about the philosophy of the object itself.

I put aside its established impression and focus on the colors and structures of object for the moment I was framing the objects. I obsessed with the explosion of the shining and mysterious of objects at a moment rather than its originally reasons of existence, that only exist for just a second.

Not so much for the objects I am framing, I more feel like my lens succumb to the colors and structures of objects itself.

Leong Chong Lao

Born in Macau, China, 1987. Currently lives in Taipei, China.

Studied in Taiwan University of Arts from 2007 to 2012, Bachlor Degree of Arts. From 2012 to now, studies in Taipei University of Arts.


XL, self publish, 2013.
In the Forest and Wilderness, self publish, 2012
Honorable Mention(pro), PX3 Portraiture/Self Portrait, France, 2012 .
Shimokitazawa Generations Art Book Project, Taiwan, China, 2012.
Bronze(non-pro), PX3 Nature/Landscape, France, 2011. Honorable Mention(non-pro), IPA FineArt, USA, 2011. Group Exhibition:
KITCHEN Exposition, Latvia, 2015.
Selected Press:
This Is Paper, Poland, 2015.
Winston Wise, USA; Blink Magazine, Korea; iGnant, Germany; Oh Comely, UK; Booooooom, Canada; Neocha, China; Madriguera, Argentina; all in 2014.

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