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2017-04-25 11:23:45  source: Yang Art Museum [Reprint]  author: ZHANG Hanlu  editor: 斫子 Su Yuezhuo

Rebel Cities

Duration: 11th March 2017- 14th May 2017(YAM opens from 10 -18 each day except Monday and the last entry is 17:30)


Curator: ZHANG Hanlu

Venue: Yang Art Museum


Propaganda Department, Flight Club, Fong Fo, HUANG Jingyuan, LIU Weiwei, Luwei HQ, MIAO Jiaxin, Migrant Workers’ Video Collective, Social Sensibility R&D, YAMADA Kenji, YANG Jian, YANG Yuanyuan, YIN Yi, YU Ying, ZHENG Yuan

Price: 30 RMB (free for members)

Contact: 010-59056678

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Hao Jingfang’s novel Folding Beijing seems to provide an ultimate solution for endless urbanization. However, urban spaces are not only assets to be planned or traded, but also understood and shaped by the residents. In the exhibition “Rebel Cities”, people with different identities and backgrounds observe, discuss, and explore the city space with their artistic practice. Among the artists included, some have long been doing research and activism at specific—often socially and geographically maginalized—places in Beijing; some present their reflections and interventions in response to the functionalist ideology of urban planning; and others transform the physical, psychological, or online spaces surrounding the exhibition.

In “Rebel Cities”, Yang Art Museum, located within the commercial district Solana, will also be that folding space where you may encounter the artists’ works outside the venue, and you may be swept into distant time and space inside it. By discussing public space and thus evoking public identity, this exhibition encourages its audience to re-recognize and re-experience the cities we live in with sense of problematization.

——ZHANG Hanlu

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