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Photography by Magnum Master Documentary Photographer Bruno Barbey

2017-03-22 11:29:03  source: PHOTOINTER []  author: Bruno Barbey  editor: zhangss

1479957689794712.jpgFor nearly half a century, photographer Bruno Barbey has been traveling around the world for pictures. As an artist and also a discoverer, he’s witnessed many significant historical events. With his honest, delicate, and merciful lens language, Barbey records treasured memories of the human kind. In this book, over a hundred black-and-white and color photos taken since he’s engaged in the profession are presented. Taken in over 30 countries and regions including Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, the Middle East, Brazil, Poland, the former Soviet Union, Japan, Cambodia, India, Morocco, and China, these photos fully recollect Barbey’s life journey as a photojournalist and artist.

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