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Photival Photo Festival

2017-02-13 14:47:27  source: PHOTOINTER [Reprint]  author: Photival  editor: 斫子

Photival is a photography festival for positive change. Our aim is to show people thought provoking photographic work from all over the world and then give them the tools they need to help. We are working with established, international and home-grown photographers. We will showcase new talent from Massey University and a small selection of outstanding work from the general public from our Open Call competition. To enable positive social change each exhibition will be linked with a charity, NGO or activist group that works within the area being showcased by the photographer. We hope that by giving people the information and tools they need to get involved immediately they will not only feel more uplifted after seeing hard hitting work but they will be more likely to get positively engaged by giving Koha, signing up to volunteer or by simply educating themselves further.

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