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A view from Duke University: Thomas Rankin spoke about photographic tradition

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Thomas Rankin, the professor at Duke University, gave remarks on Chinese Photographic Art Festival on Saturday, November 5th at Swan Lakeview Hotel, Beijing.


Topic: Documentary Arts and the Photographic Tradition: A view from Duke University

Time: Nov. 5th, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.


About Tom Rankin

_DSC5324.jpgTom Rankin is director of the Center for Documentary Studies, professor of the practice of art and documentary studies, and director of the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University.

A photographer, filmmaker, and folklorist, Rankin has been documenting and interpreting American culture for more than twenty years. Formerly associate professor of art and Southern studies at the University of Mississippi and chair of the Art Department at Delta State University, he was educated at Tufts University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Georgia State University. A native of Kentucky, he has curated a number of exhibitions and published numerous articles and reviews on photography and Southern culture.

His photographs have been published widely in numerous magazines, journals, and books, and he has exhibited throughout the country. His books include Sacred Space: Photographs from the Mississippi Delta (1993), which received the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award for Photography; 'Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre': Photographs of a River Life (1995); Faulkner's World: The Photographs of Martin J. Dain(1997); and Local Heroes Changing America: Indivisible (2000).

About Duke University

Duke University is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina, United States. Founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity in 1838, the school moved to Durham in 1892. In 1924, tobacco and electric power industrialist James Buchanan Duke established The Duke Endowment, at which time the institution changed its name to honor his deceased father, Washington Duke.

The Duke University Graduate School offers graduate training in more than 70 departments and programs of study, including a wide range of master’s (MA/MS) and doctoral (PhD) programs. They also promote interdisciplinary research through more than 30 certificate programs, as well as dual- and joint-degree programs.

The Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University

brings together two forms of artistic activity — the documentary approach and experimental production in analog, digital, and computational media — in a unique program that will foster collaborations across disciplines and media as it trains sophisticated, creative art practitioners.

Lecture Cases Sharing

Aaron Canipe

This series is an exploration of the North Carolina piedmont, a region the state that sits between the mountains and the coast. The portraits, still lives, and landscapes that make up this series were made in over 20 North Carolina counties. It’s a documentation of the changing North Carolina piedmont region and people with an emphasis on creating a fictional place; a story of locating lost innocence and finding ones place in the world.

莫颂灵 Jolene Mok

One of the Many Experiments: an Uncaged Journey, or One of the Many Journeys: an Uncaged Experiment, or Both

Natalie Minik

"North of Sahara"

Intent on exploring what it means to be a Las Vegan through traditional street photography, I spent 48 hours photographing the streets of Las Vegas without ever setting foot on the Las Vegas Strip. My project “North of Sahara” examines residents’ relationships to their iconic city and its impact on their everyday lives.

Annabel Manning

These photographs are part of an ongoing, traveling participatory art project —“Out of the Shadows: Undocumented and Unafraid”— working with “undocumented and unafraid” Latino middle school, high school, and college students, and Latino adults in Charlotte and Carrboro, North Carolina. These particular double portraits—“Zuleyma,” “Alfredo,” “Elver,” and “Karen”—re-enact each of these undocumented youth’s “coming out.” On the left side of the image, while looking into the mirror, they are visible in their invisibility, the way the rest of the world sees them (the Prussian-blue negative suggests infrared imagery of immigrants at border crossings).

Braxton Hood

Photography works by Syrian refugee youth ages 12-24 living in Turkish village of Kirikhan, Turkey, 2014

Phyllis B. Dooney

"Gravity Is Stronger"

I’m capturing an American family in Greenville, Mississippi, who dream out loud while fighting the silent undertow of poverty and recurrent domestic narratives. I’m looking for the American Way of Life as it exists right now and through family—because a family tells secrets about the country. I met Halea Brown in a karaoke bar in Greenville; she’s outspokenly gay, talented, charismatic, and generous. Through her, I was invited to spend the last four years documenting the entire Brown family.

Theresa Scott

The make photographs that look at the issues service members face with reintegrating back into their communities, and the mental health issues that are commonly faced from programing or traumas that have occurred during their service.

Jason Oppliger

"Perfunction Series"

Digital documentations of photo objects, conveying the dispensable, shot on a disposable.

Objects and images and things meant to be thrown away and never recorded.

When you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose

Haoyang Zhao

"Tomato Republic"

A series of diptych and triptych photographic composites made from extensive traveling in summer 2016 across United States, United Kingdom, China and Singapore. The word “Tomato” brings viewers’ attention to the photographic qualities of images: color, contrast, shapes and objects represented, while “Republic” demonstrates my wish to highlight a flattened and globalized world where commercialization, development and social changes are the common denominator among nation states.

Dan Smith

Old Waters / New Fires (2010-2016)

Rachel Boillot

Post Script

John Rash

Kyle Grant Wilkinson

middle town

Michaela O'Brien

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