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Everyday Encounter — Slideshow of Domestic and Oversea Young Photographers Held at China Millennium Monument

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As an ancient Greek philosopher said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice.” However, what if it is a river of photographs? In that case, maybe we can step into “the river of past” time again and again.

“Everyday Encounter,” the slideshow of 20 domestic and oversea young photographers, was held on October 18, 2016 at the Multifunction Hall of China Millennium Monument. Sponsored by the Information Resource Department of China Photographers Association (CPA) and organized by PHOTOINTER (, the slideshow was attended by over 200 photographers and media representatives.


South Korean photographer Ahn Jonghyun’s work Passage/Future of Land, a group of street snaps, was the first work put on exhibition. According to him, “Passage can be the exit of one end and entry of the other; and it can be the inside for one end and outside for the other. It is an ambiguous space, where all the boundaries are blurred. In the meantime, such space holds numerous possibilities as well.”


The slideshow is a collection of works by 20 young photographers from 16 countries and regions, including Chinese mainland, Taiwan, America, Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Spain, Belgium, and Poland. Characterized by contemporary nature and individuality, these works feature “encounters,” collisions, and integration between the languages of photography and contemporary artistic ideas, realistic contexts, and subjective consciousness. They are composed of documentary works, which create lifelike scenes for the audience, and experimenting works that are more conceptual. The slideshow built a site for the audience to have a glimpse of the spirit of contemporary young photographers, as well as the contemporary youth and society.

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Most of the multimedia slides were made by photographers themselves, who were responsible for the background music as well. Therefore, these slides better reflected the ideas of the producers. Before each work was put on display, the host would introduce the photographer’s illustration of the work to the audience via voiceover. As background music flew, one photo after another flashed in front of the audience on the huge circular screen at the Multifunction Hall of China Millennium Monument. The audience enjoyed magnificent audio-visual effects as if they were watching blockbusters.


During the slideshow, seven photographers, Ricardo Diez Baeza, Zhang Zherong, Du Yang, Shen Siyuan, Ye Tingting, Zhang Kaiyu, and Zhang Yi, interacted with the audience.


Ye Tingting, who came from Zhejiang Province, documented her two daughters’ growth and changes via photography. According to her, the themes that are close and familiar to people are the most touching, and she will keep moving on. Meanwhile, she shared her feelings of this slideshow with the audience. She thought it was an amazing show, because there were so many intriguing and inspiring photographic works. She also found it incredible that so many different ways served to present photos, which could deepen people’s understanding of photographic works.

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Special thanks to photographers responsible for the activity: Zhang Yi, Zhang Kaiyu, and Cai Yuanqing
[Acknowledgements]:, Kim Heejung, Tan Lee Kuen, Pesi Girsch, Zhu Jiong, Tian Kai, Ma Liqun, Lin Ye, and Shi Ming

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