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Photos of Old Summer Palace a hit online

2016-09-21 15:50:34  source: [Cooperative]  author:   editor: 张双双


An old photo of Yuanmingyuan, taken by Felice Beato in 1860 shows the garden before it wasdestroyed. The item sold for 218,500 pounds ($284,867) during an auction at Sotheby's. [Photo/]

A series of photos presenting China's Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace, are a hitonline. The pictures were taken by British photographer Felice Beato and German ErnstOhlmer. There also are detailed illustrations of the site based on the photographs.

The illustrations reveal the beautiful scenery of the former imperial garden before it wasburned down by British and French troops in 1860. Netizens were amazed by the landscapeand described the former garden as a fairyland.

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