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Associate professor, master tutor of Shanghai Theater Academy, contemporary artist.

Associate researcher of Chinese Academy of fine arts, Senior visiting scholar of the oil painting department of The China Academy of Art, member of Chinese art photography society, member of Shanghai Academy of fine arts.

Committed to the drama, Chinese traditional drama modeling concept into contemporary visual creation, involving photography, painting and visual design space.

Has held a personal exhibition in Lianzhou, Pingyao, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, including Hongkong also participate in the Asian contemporary art exhibition, Photo Shanghai image of Shanghai International Art Exposition, Galicia International Art Biennale, art international art fairs "landing in Singapore, France Le Louvre Museum exhibition, Shanghai LOHAS International Art Exposition, Barcelona International Art Exposition Swab, the Shanghai Art Fair International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Biennale and other international expo.In the "China photography", "contemporary art", "art" and "pictorial", "people's Daily" and other more than 40 professional photography art works and articles published in journals.

 The works have been selected as "the Yearbook of contemporary art", "China photography Yearbook" and "Chinese art photography Yearbook", and have been selected as "top ten business photographers of the year" by "China photography Yearbook" (2006-2007 years).

 Won the 2011 Shanghai youth art exhibition first prize, the third national art exhibition stage visual exhibition bronze, bronze Shanghai creative industry expo.

 Participate in the planning of the "thaw" new media art exhibition and art and science management of Shanghai High Tech Expo exhibition, was invited to go to France, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions to carry out academic exchanges.