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Dalang Shao


Dalang Shao


Dean of College of Arts, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics.

Member of Board of Education, China Photographers Association

Vice chairman of Zhejiang Artistic Photography Society

Shao has been engaging in photographic teaching and creation for more than twenty years,with his works successfully appeared in the well-known international photographic periodicals such as Chinese Photography; Chinese Photographer; LensWork; ZOOM International; Black + White Photography; Practical Photography; Popular Photography; Silvershotz; View, etc.

He held personal photo exhibitions in Bielsko-Biała International Photography Festival in Poland; Lianzhou International Photography Festival; Lishui International Photography Culture Festival in China, etc.


Shao has written and translated over twenty books including High Quality black & white photography; High Quality Landscape Photography; Introduction to Major Photograph Exhibitions around the World; Techniques of Professional Photography; Available Light Photography, etc.


The Impression of West Lake; One Men’s West Lake